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13 Apr 2021

Emergeast Artist Representation

Dima Abdul Kader

Since our inception in 2014 we’ve had the opportunity to meet and build long lasting relationships with inspiring artists from the MENA region and its diaspora. Over the years, the Emergeast collective continues to reflect the rich tapestry of the Middle East, each artist unique in their personal inspirations and distinctive style. As an Emergeast family, our artists' growth remains paramount in their development and international exposure. Beyond an online art gallery presenting a wide range of artists from the region, our mission rests on supporting and continually pushing our artists further into their full potential - our platform offers our artists an engaging space to share their work at every stage of their career.

Over the years we have grown close to a number of artists that we are proud to describe as integral to the Emergeast family. We’re honoured to announce that we are officially representing the following artists exclusively online. Since the inception of Emergeast, our relationship personifies our core purpose and values and we are proud to name the following artists as representing Emergeast’s Core Artists:

Ahoo Hamedi, Iran

Anas Homsi, Syria

Beya Khalifa, Egypt

Bouthayna Al Muftah, Qatar

Elham Etemadi, Iran

Farbod Mehr, Iran

Helen Zughaib, Lebanon

Mays Al Moosawi, Oman

Mehrdad Jafari, Iran

Mo Negm, Egypt

M’hamed Kilito, Morocco

Parham Ghalamdar, Iran

Rabee Bagshani, Iran

Sarah Tohme, Lebanon

Tarik Chebli, Algeria

We look forward to continuing to work with our artists as well as our larger Emergeast community in cultivating and growing their artist journey alongside an expanding core artist collective.