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Untitled, Yeebhom series

Size/17.5 x 12.5 cm

Untitled, Um Al Salasil wil Thahab series

Size/17.5 x 12.5 cm

Bouthayna Al Muftah

Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence


Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Artist’s Story

Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftah is quickly becoming one of Qatar’s most sought after contemporary artists by collectors and institutions alike / Her art has made its way to esteemed collections both at home and abroad / Inspired by Western masters, such as Picasso and Jackson Pollock, Bouthayna pursues a unique brushstroke to depict elements of identity, culture and heritage / Through reawakening remnants of her land’s past, Bouthayna provokes a personal and emotional relationship between her art and the viewer / She manages to preserve Qatari folklore and tradition through a unique abstract form that has led Al Muftah’s work to being regarded as a never before seen artistic form gracing the Qatari art landscape /


Full CV

2019 Commissioned work for Qatar Museums Kan Ya Makkan’ Permanent piece hanging at National Museum of Qatar
2019 Collaboration with Qatar Museums on Marchitecture, Doha, Qatar
2019 Collaboration with David Webb Jewels New York, Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition, Doha, Qatar
2018 Contemporary Art Qatar installation collaboration, with Au Pont Rouge, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Qatar Museums, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 Cosmoscow - What We Are Made Of, Russian International Contemporary Art Fair, Moscow, Russia
2018 ECHOS, solo exhibition, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, Qatar
2018 50x50 group exhibition, Markhiya Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2018 Der Diwan Cultural House Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
2017 Group exhibition, Qatar Museums, Kraftwerk Berlin, Germany
2017 Alumni group exhibition at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar’s Gallery. Exhibition was in celebration of the University’s 20th Anniversary, Doha, Qatar
2017 Group exhibition ART 29 Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2016 Reach Out To Asia Charity Auction, Doha, Qatar
2016 Ahl Al Fireej, Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition, Doha, Qatar
2016 Smicha Film Collaboration (Drawings for film production), Doha, Qatar
2015 EMERGEAST Emerging Art Auction, DIFC, Dubai, UAE
2015 Group exhibition, Mykonos, Greece
2014 Here, There, group exhibition, Al Riwaq Art Space, Qatar Museums, Doha, Qatar
2013 The Mini Art Exhibition, Katara Visual Arts Centre Projects, Doha, Qatar
2008 Wallpaper project, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2016 Qatar Financial Centre Art Book Project, Doha, Qatar
2014-2015 Involvement in the building of Msheireb Museums Project - content development, Doha, Qatar

2007 Tasmeem Doha Conference VCUQ on sustainability in design
2006 Arabic Typography workshop with Reza Abedini Visiting Graphic Designer at VCUQ from Iran

2005-2010 Tasmeem Doha, VCUQ
2018 New York Times Art For Tomorrow, Conference Ewerk Berlin, Germany

Career Highlights

  • 2019 National Museum of Qatar Permanent Collection
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
  • 2018 Group Exhibition, Qatar/Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2017 Group Exhibition, Art 29, Doha, Qatar

Artist Statement

Focusing on elements of nature and seeing details differently. I found it amazing how something that you see everyday can look so different, even unrecognizable, when you see a part rather than the whole. I like to translate my ideas and my inspirations in an abstract and less literal way. I would like people to see beauty in the everyday things around them through my artwork. It was through this that I found the link to our local culture. It brought in an element that we are so used to it because we are raised around it, that we forget to see the unique and distinctive qualities embedded within. I like to show my final pieces as though they are a part of my thinking process. I paint with spontaneity and gestural free flowing brushstrokes, aiming to deliver an almost a tangible sentiment in each piece.