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Meet Nikki & Dima

It all started in 2014 while bonding over our shared love for all things art when the question came up: "How can we start collecting affordable Middle Eastern art, without travelling around the region?". "There must be an easy way of accessing emerging artists, no?". Seven years later, Emergeast houses 75 artists with 12 official representations, offers art consultancy services, curates corporate & private collections and has established museum partnerships, as well as placing emerging artists in permanent museum collections.

Emergeast's true essence lies in collaboration and elevating the collective consciousness by enhancing our everyday life through art and beauty. Emergeast is an intersection between human connection, creative expression & beauty in its rawest form: join the movement.

How did Emergeast start?

As young urban professionals in our early 20’s, we wanted to start our own art collection tied to our respective culture and heritage. We had no where to start, brick and mortar galleries only represented high end artists and existing online platforms didn't have what we were looking for. We realised then that there was no immediate place to acquire art by Middle Eastern artists particularly at prices a 20-something urbanite can afford.

What is our mission?

Our mission is two fold: Championing the Middle East & North African emerging and mid-career artists, while empowering a new wave of young collector through visual storytelling.

Why buy from Emergeast?

Many people think art collecting is sectioned off to the 1% of society who can afford to splurge at auctions and buy art from blue chip galleries. Our aim at Emergeast is to break down these preconceptions and showcase collectibles artworks at affordable prices. Encouraging art enthusiasts and young collectors to acquire their first artwork not only creates cultural dialogue between people but also directly contributes to the career of emerging artists to continue their artistic production.

What is our purpose?

Beyond an online gallery, our core purpose lies in spreading beauty and joy through human connection. Through collective dialogue, the artists we speak with, the collectors we advise and the people we meet along the way, serve our higher purpose of fostering our intention of love in everything we do.

What is our vision?

To enhance everyday life through an elevated cultural awareness.


Who we are

Emergeast is female-led team

Dima Abdulkader


Nikki Meftah


Alia Kawar

Social Media Marketing Manager

Mona Haraoui

Operations Manager


Core Values


Connect Through Storytelling


Inspire With Creativity


Cultivate a Collective Consciousness


Empower Through Knowledge


Lead With Authenticity


Build With Innovation


Art Consultancy

We take on corporate, hospitality and private projects. Our project services include consultancies, acquisitions, commissioning and more. Below are some of our projects in images.

This work by Noor Abu Issa was a commission based installation for the Northwestern Al Fardan Medical Centre in Doha, Qatar.

This work by Anas Homsi is part of an interior design project with Dina Dahmash Designs for a private collection in Dubai, UAE.

These works by Ibrahim Al Atiyah are part of an interior design project with Dina Dahmash Designs for a The Saudi Arabian Consulate in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

This work by Beya Khalifa is part of a collection from EMERGEAST for La Bodega Negra Restaurant in Doha, Qatar.

This work by Amr Attamimi is part of a collection from EMERGEAST for the Nasab Co-Working space in Dubai, UAE.

This work by Ibi Ibrahim is part of a collection from EMERGEAST for the Nasab Co-Working space in Dubai, UAE.