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Wonder Room

Size/150 x 120 cm

Signs and Symbols

Size/120 x 100 cm


Size/200 x 300 cm


Size/80 x 130 cm

Tous Ensemble

Size/50 x 50 cm

Suspended in Memories

Size/100 x 80 cm

Say Something

Size/80 x 100 cm

Another Language

Size/160 x 130 cm

Elham Etemadi

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Artist’s Story

Elham Etemadi, born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran, currently resides in Strasbourg, France / Having completed her PhD in Fine Art, Etemadi uses a theoretical approach to her artworks by creating impulses through a game of colour / She creates subtle yet expressive discourse - her subject matter combines the traditional and contemporary whilst maintaining a synergy between the two / Plants, animals, toys, architectural elements stand alongside humans on stage, her canvas / The artist transforms her mental fantasies into visual imaginations, continuously keeping her Eastern and Iranian notions alive / Etemadi attended the University of Art in Tehran for her undergraduate studies in Painting / She has also received two Masters of Arts in Fine Art: the first of these degrees conferred by the University of Art in Tehran in 2008 and the second in 2011 by the University of Strasbourg in France /

Full CV


2016 PHD, visual Arts, University of Strasbourg, France
2012 Masters, visual Arts, University of Strasbourg, France
2009 Master Diploma (Bac+6), painting, University of the Arts, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Solo show ST’ART Art Fair, BW Gallery, Strasbourg, France
2017 July, Omnibus gallery, Besançon, France
2017 January, Gallery of Arts Palace of Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France
2015 Omnibus Gallery, Besançon, France
2009 Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2017 ‘Aspiring Artists Initiative’, EMERGEAST gallery, Vida hotel, Dubai, UAE
2016 “Maison de la Région”, Strasbourg, France
2016 “Regards Feminine”, KUNSTHALLE, Germany
2016 “Atelier Ouvert 2016”, Strasbourg, France
2016 “TRANSGRESSION”, Jean Greset Gallery, Besançon, France
2016 “Artichoke”, CEFFPA, Illkrich, France
2015 “Des Femmes et des chimeres”, Zone D’Art, Strasbourg, France
2015 “LIKE” Pop Up Exhibition by EMERGEAST Gallery at ArtSpace Gallery,London, UK
2015 “Atelier Ouvert 2015”, Strasbourg, France
2015 EMERGEAST gallery participation in ‘World Art Dubai’ Art Fair, Dubai, UAE
2015 “Quizaine Culturelle Iranianne”, Gallery Art Course, Strasbourg, France
2014 “Ateliers Ouvert 2014” , Strasbourg,France
2014 “Tea” CEFPPA Strasbourg, France,
2013 “Ateliers Ouvert 2013”, Strasbourg, France
2013 “The potato or Potato?”, CEFPPA, Strasbourg, France
2012 Gallery Vesal, Shiraz, Iran
2012 Gallery Shiveh, Shiraz, Iran
2012 “Ateliers Ouvert 2012”, Strasbourg, France
2012 “In the pig everything is good”, CEFPPA Strasbourg, France
2011 “Atelier Ouvert 2011”, Strasbourg, France, Strasbourg, France
2008 Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
2008 Participation in the 4th edition of the painting exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2008 Exhibition on “Visual Arts” Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2008 Silk Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Participation in the 1st Festival of Fine Arts “Fajr” Arts Contemporains Museum, Tehran, Iran
2008 Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
2007 Participation in Workshop Painting, Cultural Center Khavaran, Tehran, Iran
2007 Participation in the 7th Biennale of Painting, Tehran, Iran
2006 Melal Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
2006 Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2006 Participation in the 1st Biennial of Drawing Karaj, Iran
2005 Ranked 1st flute player for the 7th edition of de Marionettes Theatre (National Interuniversity festival), Tehran, Iran

Career Highlights

  • 2017 Solo show ST’ART Art Fair, BW Gallery, Strasbourg, France
  • 2017 First prize winner of the ‘Maison des Personnels’ Award
  • 2016 PHD Fine Arts, University of Strasbourg
  • 2015 Solo Show at Omnibus Gallery, Besancon, France
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