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Ahoo Hamedi
b. 1981, Iran

Ahoo Hamedi is an emerging artist based in Tehran, Iran. Her style is characterised by a striking method that includes watercolour and plexiglass, resulting in her one of a kind artworks. Ahoo paints as if she is painting for herself, as the viewer who will take the artwork home — each painting a page of her diary; like the scattered thoughts we dot around on paper to capture our thoughts in the quest for self discovery.

Ahoo’s latest solo exhibition took place at Tehran’s Homa Art Gallery. She has had 8 solo shows across Iran, Switzerland, Canada and the UAE. In addition, she has participated in over 12 international group exhibitions.

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Over 10 international solo exhibitions
Works in corporate collections
Works on commission



B.A Fine Arts in Painting, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions

2023 'The Earth is Expectant of Another Day', Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 'Red Dude', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 'Transparency Starts in the Heart', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 'Missing Tile Syndrome', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 'Faces-Hidden Volume', AB Projects, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Mekic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2009 B-asement Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2009 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Private Solo Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2023 'Contemporary Istanbul', Bavan Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2023 'Ten Days Like Flower', Choom Gallery, Bandar-e Anzali
2023 'Connective Strings of Resilience', Foundry, Dubai, UAE
2023 'Sight and Insight: Where the light gets in', Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2022 'Don’t bit me', Blue Rhino Art Consultancy ,Akaretler Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2022 'Magma', Vali Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2022 'The Observer - Online Viewing', Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2022 'Whom - Online Viewing', Inja Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2022 'Dreaming Tomorrow - Online Viewing', Emergeast
2021 'They_Have_Been', Sheydaei Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2021 'Portrait In Contemporary Aspect', Jaleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2021 'The World of Lights', Nowon Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2021 'A Selection of a Private Collection', Artibition, Tehran, Iran
2020 'Photogenic', Soo Contemporary, Tehran, Iran
2020 'Ten Days Like Flower', Choom Gallery, Gilan, Iran
2019 Latuvu art gallery, France
2019 'Flower the pure paradox', Inja Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Circular Garden of Memory Painting&Photo Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2018 'Drawing & Gavel', Drawing Museum, Tehran, Iran
2018 'Summer collection', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 'Impossible words', Bon Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 'Research Expo. 1/2/3/4', Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran
2015 'Drawing Week 3', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2014 'The Filling of Happiness', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 'Drawing Week 1', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 'Self-portraits and Portrait', Total Arts Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2011 Contemporary Art Museum of Esfahan, Iran
2011 '3 Lander-3 Kunstlerinnen', Nero Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany
2010 'Silence series', AB Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2010 'Fall and winter', Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2010 'Summer collection', Henna Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 'She mage', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 'In remembrance of Parviz Maleki', Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 'Art Expo', Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2009 'New generation', Melaat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 'Autumn Selection', Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 'Three Generation Artists', Art Center Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 'New Generation', Blue Hall in Niavaran Palace, Tehran, Iran
2008 'Niavaran Autumn', Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2008 'Heaven on Earth', Portraying the Iranian Woman, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2007 Emam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
2007 'Collected Memories', New Trends in Iranian Painting, Art Space Gallery, London, UK
2007 'Broken Promises', Forbidden Dreams, Art fair, Iran Heritage, London, UK
2007 'Visual Diary', Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 City Hall, Karaj, Iran
2004 Lalle Gallery, Tehran, Iran