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Mays Al Moosawi
b. 1994, Oman

"Creating art doesn’t always mean you’re trying to fight a battle or prove something to the world, it could simply be a way for the artist to tell their unspoken story and express their hidden emotions to help others realize they’re not alone. "

Mays Al Moosawi is an Omani visual artist who pursued her dream of becoming an artist from a young age. Her professional artistic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Coventry, UK. This pivotal step has transformed her into the accomplished full-time artist she is today.

Mays's art is characterized by a profound focus on the female figure, which has become her signature subject matter. This emphasis stems from her unique perspective on women's societal experiences and beyond. Drawing inspiration from the stories, insecurities, and challenges women face in her community, Mays has made it her mission to provide a voice and insight into these women's genuine expressions.

What characterizes Mays's work is its spontaneity, driven by the emotional state of mind she experiences in each creative moment. Her art reflects her deep connection with the subject matter, resonating with the raw emotions of the human experience. She illuminates the intricacies of the human experience, inviting us to contemplate our paths of self-discovery.

Mays Al Moosawi recently completed another milestone in her prolific career by completing her MFA from the prestigious Chelsea College of Art in London (2023). Moreover, she recently wrapped up her inaugural artist residency with An Effort Art, an experience that culminated in her first solo exhibition at Cromwell Place, London (2023). Mays has also participated in Art Dubai with Emergeast, showcasing her digital artworks for the first time (2022).

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Artist Statement


“I create to find my voice that was buried by culture, it taught me that perfection is the only story I could speak out loud or don’t speak at all.
Painting is a language that is hard to express by words.

Most of my artworks have female figures, which represents the society of women I was raised in, since an early age I was always surrounded by women, hearing their stories and insecurities had a huge impact on me growing up.”



2023 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK
2013-2017 BA Animation & Illustration, Coventry University, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2023 'You Are Your Own Home', Emergeast & An Effort Art, Cromwell Place, London, UK

Group Exhibitions

2024 'Boundless, Binding', Subliminal Projects x Emergeast, Los Angeles, USA
2023 'Perspectives Unveiled', Hyatt Diaries, London, UK
2023 'Despite the Distance We Remain Destines', Group Exhibition, Mathqaf and Gallery Lalalande, Paris, France
2022 'Dreaming Tomorrow', Online Exhibition, Emergeast
2021 NFT M.E. Exhibtion, Emergeast, Opensea
2020 Reel Oman at R House, Riyadh, KSA
2019 Christmas show, Matti Gallery
2019 Affordable Art Fair
2018 Oman Art Fair, Oman
2018 Young Emerging Artists, Stal Gallery, Oman
2017 Art in Mind, Brick Lane Gallery London, UK

Art Fair Participation

2022 Art Dubai Digital, Emergeast, Dubai, UAE