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Size/125 x 125 cm

The Garden

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Journey of Hope

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Size/135 x 135 cm

By the Window

Size/125 x 125 cm

Anas Homsi

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Artist’s Story

Anas Homsi, combines abstract expressionism and portraiture to make up his artistic genre / Since his career’s inception, he utilizes a colourful palette with gestural brush strokes that has cemented a signature style / Homsi has been interested in exploring a spectrum of emotions fuelled by war, placement, displacement and the implications on the human mind / The artist expresses his inspirations through his experiences of uprooting and all that surrounds it from his journey following the war in Syria / Homsi has participated in several collective and solo exhibitions in Lebanon and Europe / He is a member of the Syrian Plastic Artists’ Union / Since his recent move to Berlin, Homsi has participated in a group and solo show and continues to work out of his Berlin studio investigating his new surroundings vis a vis his previous experiences/

Full CV


2010 Faculty of Fine Art, Damascus, Syria

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ‘Nach Berlin’, solo show, LAWRENCE gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘Effect’, Art circle gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 ‘Childhood retrospective’, Art Circle Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

Group Exhibitions

2017 7 Art Brandenburg, group show (7. Brandenburgische Kunstmesse), Waschhaus Arena, Potsdam, Germany

2017 Lawrence: Grand Opening curated by Freeartus – Petra Rietz, Berlin, Germany

2017 "Aspiring Artists initiative", EMERGEAST, Dubai, UAE

2017 Summer Collective, arton56th Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2016 Art16 London’s Global Art Fair, "Trips to Colorful Thoughts", Lahd Gallery, London, UK

2016 "Memories Beyond Borders", Neues Atelierhaus Panzerhalle, Potsdam, Germany

2016 "Angekommen" Galerie im Kurt-Schumacher-Haus, Berlin, Germany

2016 Summer Collective, arton56th Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2015 Le salon de Lahd, Celebrating 10 years of MENASA creativity, London, UK

2015 Auction 2.0, EMERGEAST, Dubai, UAE

2015 "Like", EMERGEAST’s pop up exhibition, ARTSPACE, London, UK

2015 "Syria off frame" exhibition at Fondazione Cini , Venice, Italy

2015 "Syrian Art In Hard Times", Villa Paradiso, Beirut, Lebanon

2015 World Art Dubai, Emergeast gallery, Dubai, UAE

2015 Auction 1.0, Emergeast gallery, Dubai, UAE

2014 Singapore Art Fair, Lahd gallery-London, Singapore

2014 Human Suffering at Times of Crisis, Lahd Gallery and Debut Contemporary, London, UK

2014 "Talk Love..Act Peace ” Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait

2014 SANTORINI BIENNALE, 2nd Biennale of Modern art in Santorini, Greece

2014 “The Last supper” Art exhibition, The Venue Aswak Beirut , Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Syria Contemporary Art Fair, Artheum, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Beirut Bloom – Contemporary Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Monamnamate, Dar Al Mousawer, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Art Circle Gallery Collection, Various Artists

2012 Survival, Hope and Society at Joanna Seikaly Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2012 Beirut Art Fair with Samer Kozah Art Gallery

2012 Small painting – Mustafa Ali Art Gallery

2012 The visual scene for a generation of young artists, Kozah Art gallery, Damascus, Syria

2012 The seventh competition for artists young Syrian, A-Rewaq gallery, Damascus Syria

2011 Sketch Exhibition, Rewaq al-Qeshleh, Damascus, Syria

2012 Gallery Alumni College of fine arts at the university of Damascus, CCF, Damascus, Syria

2008-2010 The Annual Spring exhibition under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Syria

2007 Exhibition of Mediterranean countries, faculty of fine arts, Damascus, Syria

2006 Portrait exhibition in Adham Ismail Art Center

Career Highlights

  • 2018 ‘Nach Berlin’, solo show, LAWRENCE gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 7 Art Brandenburg, group show (7. Brandenburgische Kunstmesse), Waschhaus Arena, Potsdam, Germany
  • 2017 Summer Collective, arton56th Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2016 ‘Reflections’, solo show, Lahd Gallery, London, UK

Artist Statement

I communicate little sense of a specific place or time. It’s more about trying to capture the atmosphere of a memory, not a particular moment. Through the way I paint I try to get back to that state of childhood – a bit spontaneous, without thinking about the result. It’s a sort of relief.

My paintings are highly textured splashes and daubs of bright, almost luminous colors topped with roughly sketched figures. I usually start with sketches but never turn a sketch into a painting. My paintings are more complex, layered versions of my little pen sketches, most of which feature strange figures, some with huge heads and no bodies, others with bodies and arms but no legs. There are no specific people which I work on. Each time is different, each painting is from a different daydream. I feel that the more I add layers, the more I give the painting, an artistic value from my imagination and memory…

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