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Beya Khalifa
b. 1994, Egypt

"My collages have a wry sense of humour and awe for the world around them."

The universe is an absurd place where anything and everything can happen. Beya’s surreal digital collages seamlessly layer snippets of different worlds to create (space) portals into all of them. Kitsch and Orientalism are cheekily repurposed to reflect our weird, wonderful, and whimsical world. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Beya navigates the very loud metropolis in a state of perpetual fantasy. When not daydreaming, she can be found with her nose in a book. She likes animals, art, and alliteration.

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Regional group exhibitions
Regional media coverage
Permanent collection of the Oriental Museum of Durham University
Works on commission

Artist Statement


My collages don’t take themselves too seriously. They look at the world with humour and a sense of wonder.


Selected Exhibitions

2018 East of West gallery, Santa Fe, USA

Publications and Media

2019 Rise of the Visual Artists: Meet Egyptian Collage Artist Beya Khalifa, Emirates Woman, March 2019
2017 Feature, Artupon, April 2017
2016 Scatterbrain Collages of Vintage Pictures, Fubiz, July 2016
2016 BEYA KHALIFA – HER CREATIVE FRENZY, Fstop, October 2016
2016 Collage Collective Co., “Green.”, 18 Sep 2016, p. 12. 

2016 Flair Magazine, November Issue, 2016, p. 34 - 35.