Does She Know She Is Praying to the Goddess Tanit? - EMERGEAST
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Does She Know She Is Praying to the Goddess Tanit?

Dora Dalila Cheffi / Helsinki

Acrylic on linen

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About The Artwork

Marriage is typically perceived as a turning point. It’s a subject of utmost importance in society. It’s about prestige, honour, the union of families and the continuation of lineage and heritage. It can be both the source of conflict and its resolver. For many women, the subject matter often marks the beginning of a journey of self-reflection, and as a test of one's worth to society. This exhibition is a reinterpretation of the concept of marriage. Rather than setting the focus on it as an institution, PRESTIGE strips the practice to its elements: the aesthetics, sounds, movements, tradition. It approaches marriage with a lens that embraces absurdity and humour.
'I had been fascinated by marriage since childhood. They were, after all, the family parties I was always invited to whilst visiting my father in Tunisia. I’m certain attending his wedding may have had something to do with it too. More than a life-goal, it was the sense of ceremony and the theatrics of it all that intrigued me the most about weddings – the gold, the exaggerated make-up and speakers, the hairdos, the thrones, the red carpet.'

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