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15 Oct 2022

Emergeast at CAP Kuwait

Alia Kawar

Emergeast is pleased to participate in the first IRL NFT exhibition in Kuwait, WAGMI, curated by Shurooq Amin. For this exhibition, Emergeast showcases works by trailblazing Middle Eastern artists shaping the regional NFT landscape. The exhibition will be on from 15 Nov - 17 Dec 2022.

Ascendance, Amelia Hadouchi, NFT Animation

The presented NFT artworks reflect the universal possibilities the digital age offers both traditional and digitally native artists in expanding their artistic expression into new realms. Emergeast aims to push boundaries by exploring the unparalleled opportunities of blockchain technology to empower artists and cultivate a new wave of Next Gen collectors.

Bliss, Muhcine Ennou, NFT Animation

This exhibition reflects the unique time for artists and collectors in the region to participate in the cultural movement into Web3.

Under Construction, Rabee Baghshani, NFT Animation

Join the digital revolution.

Osmosis, Lara Zankoul, NFT Photography

Participating Artists

Amelia Hadouchi

Lara Zankoul

Muhcine Ennou

Rabee Baghshani