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Amelia Hadouchi
b. 1992, Canada / Algeria

Amelia Hadouchi originally from Algeria was born in Montreal and was exposed to the arts at a young age. Amelia began taking painting workshops at the age of 9 to pursue her passion for the arts and hasn't stopped since. She was discovered by a gallery in Miami after posting her creations on social media, and was invited to exhibit her work during Art Basel in 2015, her debut exhibition. She was inspired to continue working on her career as a professional painter and to expand her international network of collectors while surrounded by accomplished artists.

Many public figures have acquired Amelia's works as a result of her exhibition at Art Basel 2015 and her significant social media presence. Her social media networks have also led to collaborations with brands including Volvo, Daniel Wellington, Marc Jacobs, and New Balance. She was re-invited to show during Art Basel in Miami in 2017 as a result of her increased visibility. She had a solo exhibition of her paintings at the FAM Montreal Mural Art Fair powered by Mural in the same year.

Amelia took part in a Hachem-powered group show alongside Claudia Campbell, Callen Schaub, Stikki Peaches, and Rock Therrien as part of the Mural Art Festival in the summer of 2019.

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Artist Statement


Because nature is my primary source of inspiration, travel is an important aspect of my artistic development. The colors, vibrations, and textures of the places I travel stay in my head and are conveyed to my works, whether I'm visiting an active volcano in Guatemala or diving into a cenote in Mexico. I'm inspired by positivism, well-being, the four elements, minerals, and space, in addition to nature. My works are a mental voyage. They are locations I've visited, as well as memorable experiences and emotions captured on canvas. It's a combination of mystery and flow. My goal is to spread positive energy to anybody who sees my artwork.

The flow of media and brush details are conveyed on the canvas with feelings rather than forecasts about the end product. My work has been described as very detailed, trippy, hypnotizing, and calming by many people.

Series Statement


'The origins series represents the relationship between structure and movement. A duality that every human being
can experience and relate to. The African symbols used in this series are an ode to my African heritage and represent structure. My usual style, colorful and textured patterns, represents movement & flow.

"Structure" is our belief system; our culture, our language, our faith, our perceptions. Our belief system was implanted at birth and as we grow, some of us feel the need to evolve and explore beyond our giving set of beliefs.
"Flow" represents that expansion and exploration. Wanting to evolve in our own ideas, perceptions, and beliefs. The series illustrates that even if we explore we can do so by respecting and remembering where we came from. The same concept of structure and flow applies to our everyday life. I believe it's an essential balance. The names of each artwork of the origins series are African or Berber names.'


Selected exhibitions

2020 'Reverie', Group exhibition, Hampton Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2020 'Astral Travel', Solo exhibition, Hampton Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019 Group exhibition, Hampton Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019 Festival Mural - Exposition Hachem, Montreal, Canada
2018 Art Basel, Miami É-U - Artifact Wynwood, Miami, USA
2018 'One foot forward', Miami É-U-Hurricane Irma Relief, Miami, USA
2017 'Foire d’art Mural', Montreal, Canada - Solo show
2016 'Diaspora Speaking', Montreal, Canada
2016 'Art x Music', Matahari Loft, Montreal, Canada
2016 Art Basel, Miami É-U- Edge Art Fair Wynwood, Miami, USA