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Muhcine Ennou
b. 1991, Morocco

Muhcine Ennou is guided by his intuition and his emotions. He bonds with his models, and gazes at the pictures for hours. "When I feel like I know my surroundings, my intuition can be narrative", In his pictures, we discover a certain tenderness, a feeling of evasion. “My work is a way of express my emotions. My aim is to bring the audience into my world, to make them feel the way I feel."

The act of looking is never neutral since one’s gaze is always influenced by their own discursive disposition. Gazing is, therefore, a performance that orders, shapes and classifies. Without this disposition, you are unable to follow the tacit conventions of a particular discourse, you are not introduced to these conventions, but rather you fall into them and eventually repeat them. They are governed by social rules; a “script” which is already there even though it is not explicit. Taking a picture is the result of being a part of something, in order to attune himself to what Muhcine Ennou calls “the sweet and sour spices of everyday life”. By participating in a specific cultural context, his work capture an embodied sociological narrative, a reaction to a somatic experience of a lived moment.

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International group exhibitions
Festival participant
Private collections


Selected Exhibitions

2022 Bit by Bit – Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, Netherlands
2022 Imagine – Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, Nethterlands
2022 Fondation Donwahi, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
2022 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2020 Liminoid Worlds – Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2020 Publieke Werken, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2020 'Blue Notes', Addis Foto Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2020 'Sometimes', TAC, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2020 'Objectif Renouvelable', La Galerie 38, Casablanca, Morocco
2019 'Blue Notes', L’uzine, Casablanca, Morocco
2019 'New Dutch 2019', Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018 'No Place Like Home', GPP, Dubai, UAE
2018 'Melting Pot', Sea-Foundation, Tilburg, Netherlands
2018 'An open eye on the Arab world', The Institute of the Arab World, Paris, France
2017 'Public Space', Bab Rouah, Rabat, Morocco
2016 'COP22', Foundation CDG Art Gallery, Rabat, Morocco


2020 Objectif Renouvelable – La Galerie 38

2018 New Dutch Photography 2019
2017 Bab Rouah, Espace Public

2016 Foundation CDG, COP22


Renault Morocco

The U.S. Embassy Museum, Rabat, Morocco