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Where Are You Going?

Size/60 x 60 cm

Gas & Love

Size/60 x 60 cm

Happiness Hotel

Size/60 x 60 cm

The Bar

Size/60 x 60 cm

The Cafe at Night

Size/60 x 60 cm

Everything For You

Size/60 x 60 cm

Ice Cream Shop

Size/60 x 60 cm

Muhcine Ennou

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Artist’s Story

Muhcine Ennou is guided by his intuition and his emotions / He bonds with his models, and gazes at the pictures for hours. "When I feel like I know my surroundings, my intuition can be narrative", In his pictures, we discover a certain tenderness, a feeling of evasion. “My work is a way of express my emotions. My aim is to bring the audience into my world, to make them feel the way I feel."

The act of looking is never neutral since one’s gaze is always influenced by their own discursive disposition / Gazing is, therefore, a performance that orders, shapes and classifies / Without this disposition, you are unable to follow the tacit conventions of a particular discourse / You are not introduced to these conventions, but rather you fall into them and eventually repeat them / They are governed by social rules; a “script” which is already there even though it is not explicit / Taking a picture is the result of being a part of something, in order to attune himself to what Muhcine Ennou calls “the sweet and sour spices of everyday life” / By participating in a specific cultural context, his work capture an embodied sociological narrative, a reaction to a somatic experience of a lived moment /

Full CV

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Blue Notes – Addis Foto Festival “Addis Ababa”
2020 Sometimes – TAC “Eindhoven”
2020 Objectif Renouvelable – La Galerie 38 “Casablanca”
2019 Blue Notes – L’uzine “Casablanca”
2019 New Dutch 2019 – Melkweg Expo “Amsterdam”
2018 No Place Like Home – GPP “Dubai”
2018 Melting Pot – Sea-Foundation “Tilburg”
2018 An open eye on the Arab world – The Institute of the Arab World “Paris”
2017 Public Space – Bab Rouah “Rabat”
2016 COP22 – Foundation CDG Art Gallery “Rabat”


2020 Objectif Renouvelable – La Galerie 38

2018 New Dutch Photography “2019”

2017 Bab Rouah “Espace Public”

2016 Foundation CDG, “COP22”


Renault Morocco

The U.S. Embassy Museum “Rabat"

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