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Still Life

Size/80 x 88 cm

Love Candy

Size/60 x 50 cm

The End of Summer

Size/235 x 217 cm

Untitled Mountains

Size/290 x 190 cm


Size/190 x 175 cm


Size/165 x 145 cm


Size/167 x 150 cm


Size/140 x 110 cm


Size/93 x 85 cm

Shadows (Triptych)

Size/175 x 285 cm

Rashad Babayev

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Artist’s Story

Rashad Babayev, is a painter and installation artist belonging to a young generation of Azerbaijani artists that are transforming the contemporary art landscape of Baku / His artistic style reflects an entrenched expressionist yet minimalist approach utilizing different colors as his language / His debut solo exhibition was in 2004 / In 2005 he became a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan and ever since he has taken part in numerous international exhibitions across the globe, as well as the 55th Venice Biennale / Babayev’s works are held in the Museum of Modern Art in Baku, ‘20th-21st Century Azerbaijani Painting’ Museum, Yarat Contemporary Art Space and other private collections / Babayev was handpicked to be a part of ‘Fly to Baku’ a travelling contemporary art exhibition showcasing the finest Azerbaijani talent across Moscow, Rome, Baku, Vienna, Paris and Berlin / He recently expanded his artistic practice into scriptwriting and filmmaking - for which he was awarded Azerbaijan Cinematographists Union promotional diploma/

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2014 ‘Island’, MOMA, Baku

2004 Q Gallery, Baku

Group Exhibitions

2018 Screenwriting and Cinematography Debut, Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 ’12?’, MOMA, Baku

2015 Yarat Contemporary Art Space opening, Baku

2014 ‘Love me, Love me not’, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku

2013 55th Venice Biennale

2013 ‘Home Sweet Home’, MOMA, Baku

2013 ‘Home Sweet Home’, Azerbaijani Cultural Centre, Paris

2012-2013 ‘Fly to Baku’ travelling exhibition, Baku, Vienna, Rome, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and London

2012 ‘Commonist’, Alternative Art Space, Baku

2012 ‘Merging Bridges’, MOMA, Baku

2012 ‘012’ Baku Art Festival, Baku

2011 ‘Foreword’, Alternative Art Space, Baku

2011 ‘Land of Fire’, Paris

2011 ‘Harmony’, Yeoksam Cultural Centre, Seoul

2009 ‘Black & White’, Museum Art Centre, Baku

2009 ‘Aluminium’, Contemporary Art Centre, Baku

2008 Central House of Artists, Moscow

2007 Union of Artists, Astana

2007 VI International Art Biennial, Tehran

2006 ‘Transformation of Oil in Artworks’, Q Gallery, Baku

2006 ‘Art and New Technologies’ International Festival of Contemporary Art, Baku

2005 ‘Man and Woman’, Baku

2004 14th Istanbul Art Fair

2004 ‘Art Caucasus’, International Fair of Contemporary Visual Art, Tbilisi

2004 Young artists group exhibition, Baku

Career Highlights

  • 2014 ‘Island’ solo show, MOMA, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2013 Participated at the 55th Venice Biennale
  • 2012-2013 ‘Fly to Baku’ travelling exhibition, Baku, Vienna, Rome, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and London

Artist Statement

Painting is a mysterious and intimate process for me. I believe that personal intuition and irrationality dictates my style. I often find inspiration from old eastern miniatures and their visions of colour. Colour is the absolute essential element for me in a painting. This way I feel like I am continuing the work of a previous generation of Azerbaijani artists.

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