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22 Jun 2022

4 Facts About Abstract Art

Dima Abdul Kader

The term abstract in the universe of art is one of the most commonly used, yet it comes hand in hand with a Pandora's box of misconceptions!

“But I don’t get it?” (It’s ok, you’re not supposed to straight away - it’s more of an emotional reaction)

“But my 5 year old could’ve done that!" (perhaps true, but the artist is trying to tell us something)


We are here to set the record straight for what abstract art is and how you may be drawn to it as one of your favorite styles (or may not, which is totally ok too!).

1. It's non-objective

In one word, it is “non-objective” art. On the most basic level,  Abstract art is a form of art that is not literal. It is a tool of expression used to disengage the material and physical from its true representation. Easy so far right?

The artist uses colors, lines, brush strokes and everything in between to represent her or his fantastical imaginations or take on something, someone or themselves - sometimes it’s just spicing up the super mundane!

Into the Maze, Amelia Hadouchi

2.It's open to the viewer's imagination

Heard the phrase art is subjective? This is where that phrase comes into full manifestation! Just listen to your gut. Take a moment to digest and reflect on what you’re seeing and what emotions this stirs (if any). When your patience runs out and you need answers, READ THE WALL TEXT! (Or any associated information about the artist / series / painting etc.) This is where all the pieces of the puzzle come together and you’re 'a ha' moment is loud and proud.

Untitled, Abdellah El Haitout

3.It helps broaden the imagination

For a form of art that does not resemble anything in reality - it the one of the most crucial styles of art. It allows the artist to step out of the physical world and delve deep into their minds and create their understanding of life events/issues and just things with complete and utter freedom. Hello, pushing the envelop! The double whammy? It is the style of art that allows the viewer to create her or his personal interpretation of what they’re looking at and take away their very own fantasy! Drawing from Plato, abstract art doesn’t represent the material world, but can be regarded to represent the spiritual.

Hugging, Anas Homsi

4.Some famous abstract artists you'll surely recognize...

Pollock, Modrian, Rothko and Picasso! The Middle Eastern versions are right here on emergeast.com