Untitled - EMERGEAST
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Elham Etemadi / Iran

Acrylic on canvas


About The Artwork

Many of the artist's compositions depict animals, everyday objects, toys, and decorative motifs that we see around us. In her "visual riddles," they're like "verbs" that are "conjugated" depending on the tale being told. They act as a guiding feature in some cases and attach other types as the main subject in others. Although their visual purity is blurred by the colorful layers and blended at the edges, we cannot deny their presence. This feature allows the viewer to dig deeper and adds to the work's metaphorical and inspiring value. Etemadi's paintings are daring and follow their own path; no limitations stifle their organic reimagining of nature. Geometry tries to give them structure, as if they were Lego toys for kids. This unification is given rhythm by the flowing lines that pass between layers upon layers.

More from the Artist

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Visit Artist Page