Shikogabana I - EMERGEAST
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Shikogabana I

Tarik Chebli / Algeria, France

Acrylic on canvas


About The Artwork

Shikogabana came to me as an idea when one night I slept in my studio and got sick from the pungent smell of paint. I began to paint in my head and vividly saw the colours and textures. This work was inspired by a lake in Northern Japan with fish swimming in the clear water. It’s a heavenly representation of a perfect world where man has no place to disturb or destroy nature’s wonders. As Henri Matisse said, ‘I want my paintings to comfort the tired man coming home from work’. This work was a turning point in the way I approached painting. I realized that the combination of channeled madness and spontaneity with a thoughtful and defined plan adds an extra layer of depth to my paintings.

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Visit Artist Page