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30 Aug 2020

Enter the World of Emerging Omani artist: Mays AlMoosawi

Nikki Meftah

Who is Mays AlMoosawi? 

I am a 25 years old from Oman. Eight years ago I decided to follow my dream instead of following the path of everyone else, I did my studies in illustration and animation, and I am currently a full time visual artist.
Andalusian Era series / Digital Illustration 

What ignited your passion for the arts and becoming a visual artist?

Other than growing up in a family of creatives, I was always a curious kid who knew there is more to bring into this world.
Sisters / Digital Illustrations

Tell us a little more about the inspirations behind your works.

Most of my artwork has female figures, which represents the society of women I was raised in. Since a young age I was surrounded by women hearing their stories and insecurities had a huge impact on me.

Are your illustrations born from spontaneous creativity or are they thought out in advance? Describe the process behind your works...

I believe spontaneous artwork comes out from pure emotions. Although very few of my pieces are created by thoughts in advance.

Tell us about your new Andalusian Era series. Hows does working on digitally differ from traditional painting.

I went on vacation to Turkey last December and I fell in love with the details of the Iznik tiles, I knew I wanted to create a series inspired by them. I always say that digital artwork does not bring out the same energy that traditional painting does, but it is more convenient especially when traveling.
Andaluscian Era series / Digital Illustration 

Your works were shown in London, that’s a great achievement at such a young age, tell us which one of your work/s were shown and why.

It was during my final year of university, my art style was completely different from what it is now I was interested in Fashion illustration back then. I wanted to experience exhibiting my work in London before coming back home for good.

What lasting message do you wish to convey through your works to your collectors now and in the future?

Painting to me is like writing a journal, every piece speaks about an experience or emotion that is impossible to express by words and it has a very personal message.   Flash time with Mays

May Al Moosawi in three words...

Passionate, creative, Over-thinker.

Who’s an artist that has inspired you and why?

Recently Henry Matisse has inspired me I love his use of strokes and colors.

Biggest achievement so far?

Creating a job out of my passion is the biggest achievement.

Dream celebrity to dine with?

Oprah Winfrey!

Dream place to exhibit your work?