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Unveiling Realities By Elham Etemadi

Elham Etemadi’s latest body of work presented in Unveiling Realities is characterised by the time of their production during the pandemic. With Elham’s last exhibition taking place mid last year when the world was just coming up for air between two lockdowns, she couldn’t help but notice an unwavering shift in interaction with her work by her viewers. Through the fissures of these global lockdowns, new realities unveiled.

Elham Etemadi's studio in Lyon, 2021

“My new body of work reflects the deeper connections I cultivated with loved ones in the past year. The invisible curtains we all once hid behind have lifted, new realities unveiled."

Wonder Room, Acrylic on canvas

Stripped away from distractions, Elham's characters take centre stage reflecting the slow and steady unraveling of ourselves. "Wonder Room is filled with multi-dimensional characters that fully come to life."

Long Silence, Acrylic on canvas

Called to step back and reinterpret our reality, this artwork urges space between our outer and inner world. “I wanted to feel the silent moments before breaking them."

A heightened sense of awareness led Elham to paint with more intention during the pandemic.“I don't let anything go unnoticed, each corner of my painting has a clear direction and contributes to the larger story”.

The Thinker, Acrylic on canvas

The intensity of the human mind has never been so heightened. This chaos has come to be our modern reality. We became the chaos.” Surrounded by superficial distractions, thinking alongside a world of interferences, the viewer is asked to reflect on a life with purpose and intention.

Elham Etemadi
Born in Iran
Resides in France

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Elham Etemadi, born in 1983 in Shiraz, Iran, currently resides in Lyon, France. Having completed her PhD in Fine Art, Etemadi uses a theoretical approach to her artworks by creating impulses through a game of colour. She creates subtle yet expressive discourse - her subject matter combines the traditional and contemporary whilst maintaining a synergy between the two.


Unveiling Realities is the second online exhibition on Emergeast curated by Nikki & Dima

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