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22 Jan 2021


Nikki Meftah

Discover your taste

By definition, collecting means to get similar things from different places and bring them together. A good art collection tells a story, and creates a singular cohesive experience through the artworks that have certain commonalities among them. Whether your collection reflects your life experiences, is built within a certain social or regional parameter or more simply reflects a momentary emotion you felt inside - here are 3 fundamental steps to build your art collection as a young collector in the seemingly overwhelming art world.

1. Develop your taste

One does not necessarily need an arts background to be appreciate art. However, it is said that the better education you have, the better your collection will be. By education this means going to galleries, exhibitions (online ones count too), even an instagram scroll can lead to a great discovery! Training your eye and figuring out your taste can be done by visiting as many museums as you can to familiarise yourself with different mediums, styles and periods; going to art fairs both near and further afield, browsing through online art galleries such as EMERGEAST, Google Arts & Culture, and Manhattan Arts – Artist Showcase Gallery; and reading printed materials like art books and magazines.
Objects, Digital Illustration, Mays Almoosawi

2. Do your artist research (and ask questions)

Do your research. Read about the artist/s you feel drawn to; what are their inspirations, how do they resonate with you? You'll also learn more about yourself during this process. (If you are buying for investment, this is the time you would look tat the artist's CV and portfolio).  Feel comfortable with asking questions, get in touch with the gallery/the artist to form that connection - online art galleries and websites have an art consultant or chat system on hand for your every question. It is crucial to not feel intimidated in doing so. Learning as much as you can about an artist will enhance your relationship to the artist and their work.  Remember, the expert was once a beginner. There are no rules, no regulations and no question is a silly question!

Shocking News, Mehrdad Jafari

3. Fall in love

Fall in love with the artwork before you buy it. It's important to wholly identify yourself with and love the artwork you are acquiring. Listen to your instincts, your heart and when you find that special connection, take the leap! Once you start the buying process you will gain more confidence in expanding your collection.

  Enjoy the process! x Emergeast Team