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21 Aug 2019

5 mins with Bouthayna Al Muftah

Nikki Meftah

All you need to know about Bouthayna Al Muftah's prolific latest series...

How would you describe the emotion you feel while producing the Yeebhom series?

I have mixed emotions during the process all of my artwork - a combination that truly drives the essence of all my work. I feel happy that I am able to use creative means to express my feelings and thoughts about the things that resonate with me the most, that being the memories of the past in Qatari heritage and everything in between. But I also sense a feeling of underlying sadness through the process of production. Despite the energy I feel through concept building and encapsulating my history -  I do have feelings of loss and nostalgia to a time that was rich with tradition that is unfortunately quickly disappearing.

What is the message you want to send to your viewers/collectors through your art?

To contemplate the past, present and future. I see my artwork as a deconstructed book. Each part is an unfolding chapter of the larger story. Preservation and archiving isn't the aim -  but I do hope that through my work the viewer preserves the past and contemplates the future of our traditions through each piece that I produce.

A question on everyone’s minds, what does the typographic form that you use represent / say?

The typography you see in my work is something that emerged from the concept of story telling. It was my way of archiving tales, stories and songs from the past in a symbolic sense. Conceptually, the typography is the voice of the narrator taking us on the journey of our tales.
Ink on paper / 50x70cm / $2300

What goal are you working on in terms of where you see your works in the future?

I would like to see my work in renowned institutions around the world. Amongst other international artists whose work can engage with mine under the pretense of cultural discourse. Through contrasts and parallels - I hope the international exposure can tell the world more about Qatar's rich roots from past to present.

What has been your biggest achievement yet?

I think my biggest achievements would have to be exhibiting my work at the project space at Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, and my permanent piece at the Qatar National Museum. I was truly honored to be chosen to exhibit at such esteemed art institutions. I am also so proud of my contribution to Year of Culture, which was a great opportunity for me, allowing me to display my works in great artistic Russia and India amongst other talented artists. For all available works from Bouthayna Al Muftah click here