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Myriame Dachraoui
b. 1994, Tunisia

Myriame Dachraoui, born in Tunisia (1994), is a visual artist currently based and working in Tunis. After studying architecture and working on several cinema projects, Myriame shifted her focus to her passion for art. She uses digital media and acrylic painting to reveal intimate scenes in which characters are often isolated. Myriame’s primary medium is acrylic, and she draws inspiration from her personal experiences to explore themes of isolation.

Her latest work delves into the story of her childhood and the imaginary world she created. Engaging in a dialogue between her younger and current self, Myriame tries to understand how her vision as an adult has altered her inner self. In this poetic process, she also explores the impact of mental health on her vision.

Myriame has participated in two group shows in Tunis and has recently completed a residency at Selma Feriani Atelier, where she prepared an open studio in August 2023. Her work is also a part of Selma Feriani’s collection.

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Artist Statement


In my work, I find myself drawn to a diverse range of mediums, from the traditional canvas to the realm of digital software. At the core of my work lies an exploration of mental health, with a particular focus on themes such as loneliness, solitude, and grief. I strive to craft visual narratives that convey scenes evoking contemplation and isolation.

I also like to represent architectural scenes. Whether it's capturing the interior or exterior, I carefully select perspectives, incorporate surrounding contexts, objects, and characters to craft visual narratives that express the inner workings of my experience.

Lately, I've been delving into my childhood memories and the imaginary worlds I created in my youth. By integrating these landscapes into my work, I examine the duality of my past and present selves. Through diptychs, I create two windows that engage in a dialogue between these two aspects of my identity. It is interesting to observe how these fictive places has evolved over time.

Looking ahead, I aim to continue exploring the theme of mental health from diverse angles and through various media, including digital and image-based formats. I want to reflect upon the multitudes of discourse and taboos surrounding this topic, particularly within our Oriental culture, where depression is often stigmatized.



2020 B.Arch of architecture
National Architecture School of Tunis (ENAU)

Group Exhibtions

2024 'Boundless, Binding', Subliminal Projects x Emergeast, Los Angeles, USA
2022 Phosphor, creative district, Tunis, Tunisia
2022 Cyclical, curated by Kenza Zouari, Tunis, Tunisia


2023 Illustration and art direction for the animation movie “We are all made here” directed by Bochra Triki
2023 Illustration and colorist for the animation movie “Briska” directed by Nadia Rais
2018 First animation short film prize at FESPACO (Burkina)


2023 Selma Feriani Atelier Bhar Lazreg (June to July 2023)

Private collections

Selma Feriani Collection, Tunis, Tunisia