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Size/42 x 30 cm

Behjat, Rostam and White Demon

Size/60 x 44 cm

Homa & Taghi

Size/60 x 44 cm

Where is The Friend’s Home, Future Is Now series

Size/50 x 40 cm

Untitled, Future Is Now series

Size/40 x 50 cm

Bird and the Flower

Size/25 x 18 cm

Maliheh Zafarnezhad

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Artist’s Story

Maliheh is an Irish-Iranian multi-media artist / Her journey started more than 10 years ago in drawing, painting, installation and video-arts / Maliheh obtained an MA in History of Arts and Architecture from the University of Limerick, Ireland / Currently, she is an artist resident of Art Central in Milton Keynes, UK / As an Iranian artist now living in the diaspora, Maliheh's inspirations emerge from her multi-national identity, mixed culture, immigration experiences and childhood memories from Iran/

Full CV


2013 MA in History of Art and Architecture, University of Limerick, Ireland

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Solo exhibition, Milton Keynes central library, London, UK
2018 'With my roots', Group exhibition, Asia House, London, UK
2018 Group exhibition, KHP Ateliers, Dusseldorf, Germany
2017 'MK Calling', MK Gallery, London, UK
2017 Solo show, Art Central Gallery, London, UK
2016 Group exhibition, Cornerstone Gallery, London, UK
2016 Group exhibition, Art Central Gallery, London, UK
2016 6th Annual of Iranian Contemporary
art, Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
2015 'This Forever Together We Raised
Some Hell', Group exhibition, occupy Space Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
2014 Group exhibition, Galway Fringe festival, Galway, Ireland
2014 Group exhibition, Hive Emerging Artist, Waterford, Ireland
2013 Intercultural Winter Arts Exhibition, CFCP, Dublin, Ireland
2013 Group exhibition, Installation (4th annual of Iranian contemporary art), Tehran, Iran
2012 Group exhibition, Waterford, Ireland
2012 Art Expo Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2010 Group exhibition,Student Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Solo exhibition, Tehran, Iran,
2007 In the Memory of Master Termeh-Chi, Group exhibtion, Mashhad, Iran
2006 Group exhibition, Mashhad, Iran

Career Highlights

  • 2018 Solo exhibition, Milton Keynes central library, London, UK
  • 2018 'With my roots', Group exhibition, Asia House, London, UK

Artist Statement

Statement about works from Future Is Now series
When you have migrated from one part of the world to another, you express your diverse experiences of culture and identity in the work you make. As an Iranian artist now living in the diaspora, my feelings towards my country have changed. Despite all the political and economic issues, Iran has always been my paradise: a place I can return to, to feel at home.
My mixed media paintings are a constant pursuit of the best way to represent what I feel about Iran as my homeland and its future. Utilising photographs of Iranian people in the past and present, merging them with traditional Safavid style paintings in vivid colours, has led to the creation of tempting scenes of an imaginary utopia in my current artworks. In this body of work, people from different ages and social classes are presented in happiness moments, for example they show a happy couple in a wedding or some ordinary people playing, swimming, taking selfies and dancing.
I took Iranian people form ordinary situations from present time, which can represent the simplest form of happiness despite their class, job and lifestyle, and inserted them into colourful backgrounds constructed by ancient Persian motifs, thereby bridging the present-past time difference and expressing that The Future Can Be Now if people learn how to feel happiness via maintaining the background.
Photographs in this project were selected from my own family albums or taken by Iranian professional photographers, who have given their permission to use the images in my work. The photographs are manually transferred to canvas by gloss medium gel. In some works, photographs are transferred in a way to display a tile panel. I chose to use the Safavid painting style and motifs as art in the Safavid Empire (1501-1722) in Iran reached the highest degree of integrity insomuch as some historians such as Sheila R. Canby called it the golden age of Persian art.

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