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21 Jun 2022

What's Trending? 4 Art Trends to Watch

Alia Kawar

From the art world moving online to the volatile crypto market, the art world has gone through a lot of change. Here are the latest art trends you should keep on your radar.

1. Resurgence of figurative painting

In recent years, there has been a return to human connection which has been reflected in the revival of  figurative painting. Awanle is one artist that uses figurative painting to capture the empowered woman, the dreamer, the woman who is not held back by excessive aspirations and breaks through the barrier.

I Can Be Both, Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali

2. Digital Art breakthrough

Since the boom of NFTs and Crypto art, digital artists have finally been receiving the spotlight the medium so deserves. Digital artists are breaking through previous conceptions of what art is with new, innovative and creative ways of expression through the limitless possibilities of evolving technology. Multimedia artist, Muhcine Ennou blurs the line with what is and what is imagined through his CGI creations.

MoonFall, Muhcine Ennou

3.Pop of neon

Neon art is one of the top trends of this season because why go for muted colours when the sun is shining? Berlin-based renowned visual artist, Leila Pazooki's notable neon works address political, social and personal motifs across and between cultures.

Moments of Glory, Leila Pazooki

4.Tackling climate change

Artists have long been advocates of the issues and themes of their time. With the rapidly worsening conditions of global warming and climate change, artists are conveying the reality at hand. Tarik Chebli tackles climate change by transporting us to a world that's untouched by human kind, one in which the pristine land and its inhabitants live in harmony.

WaterFall, Tarik Chebli

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