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Posted by / Nikki Meftah

10 January 2016

Munira Al Sayegh can be described as no less than a quintessential figure in an established and profound art terrain. Munira, an artist in her vision and passion to all things art and sustainable artistic production, offers the EMERGEAST collector the foundations of a young collector’s relationship with art. As the current assistant curator at A.i.R (Artist in Residence) at Art Dubai, Munira highlights the importance of the young collector to a growing market…

They say good things come in sets of three. The artist. The art. The collector. With a heavy focus and a major boom of art and artists coming from the region, the collector seems to have taken a passenger seat – a backbone of the enticing scene.

Young collectors usually run in a parallel conversation with emerging artists. The first step is to always educate yourself with the diverse pool of subject matter afloat in our dynamic region. Then comes the attraction – you will find an unexplainable connection between you and the artwork you collect. This phenomena (once your collection expands) will translate as your thematic, underlying interest. With your growing experience you will find that this subject can stem into many different things, but the one consistent factor will be the trust you have in knowing what you like and more particularly, why.

The collector is the driver of the market – he or she decides what is relevant, and why, thus affecting the product of what is being produced. Living in a highly transient time it is up to the collectors to choose the stories they find relevant enough to be documented through art. The artist is the book in the library, the words the art, and the collector – the Librarian choosing what is being placed center stage.

Posted by / Nikki Meftah



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