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Roman Vase, Flowers and Vase series

Lena Kassicieh / Palestine

Digital illustration on fine art archival paper
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About The Artwork

An idea formed in my head about creating a series of vases and different kinds of flowers. To me this was a project that only seemed impactful if there were many. As someone who also works with ceramics and often gravitates towards creating vases I was reflecting on the vase as an object; an item that is both functional yet decorative. I wanted to imagine a series of vases that I would like to physically make, or a series of conventional items that could also become vases, holding flowers that are both real or imagined. From this initial concept I created many illustrations of vases and different types of flowers, including an empty Vimto bottle that was sitting in my kitchen for weeks, and a vase inspired by combining elements of traditional Victorian vases that you would commonly find covered in dust in your auntie's formal living room (the living room only guests are allowed in), hosting fake plastic flowers in pastel hues.

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