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04 Jul 2023

Capturing an Objective Reality: Photography as a Medium

Dima Abdul Kader

Since the birth of photography during the late 1800's, it has gained widespread and growing recognition as a form of art capturing unique moments in time. New collectors may still hesitate when it comes to building a photography collection as this reluctance can stem from various reasons and misconceptions about the nature of the medium. In this article, we will explore reasons why the medium enriches any art collection and common reservations that new art collectors may have.

Lalaland II, Amr Attamimi

It's important to recognize that one of the primary concerns new collectors may have about photography is the notion of authenticity and reproducibility. Unlike paintings or sculptures, which are often unique physical objects, photographs can be reproduced multiple times. This aspect can create a perception that photographs lack the exclusivity and rarity associated with other art forms. However, fine art photography is indeed original and limited to a closed number of editions - making each edition rare and sought after by photography aficionados.

Street Prayers, Yassine Alaoui Ismaili

By delving deeper into the medium, new collectors can discover the unique artistic value and richness that photography offers, ultimately opening doors to a captivating world of visual storytelling.

Art has the power to captivate, inspire, and transport us to different worlds. Among the various artistic mediums, photography stands out as a unique and compelling form of expression. Collecting photography offers a myriad of reasons to embark on an enchanting journey of objective realities.

Photography affords its viewer a window into different perspectives, it allows us to see the world through the eyes of the artist capturing unique moments as they traverse different societal landscapes. Exploring photography allows the new collector to open up to a diverse range of viewpoints, cultures and experiences - expanding understanding and appreciation of our world.

Photographs have an incredible ability to evoke emotions. A single image can transport the viewer to a different time, evoke nostalgia, spark joy or elicit a deep sense of empathy with the real-life subjects. This creates a personal connection with the work via the artist's narrative, enhancing the ambiance and story of any space.

Exit of Shirin & Farhad series, Babak Kazemi

Photography serves as a visual record of history and culture. Through the lens of a camera, significant moments, social changes and cultural shifts are immortalized. By collecting photography, you can amass a collection that not only holds aesthetic value but also serves as a window into different eras and societies, preserving our collective heritage.

Artists on Emergeast with photography as their main medium of creative expression have been curated to offer the Emergeast collector access to the region's most prolific artists via their enthralling and authentic visual narratives. We are very proud of our artists whose award winning photographs have garnered international recognition and praise.