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Small Wonders, Vast Horizons

Small Wonders, Vast Horizons presents a diverse selection of original artworks by the current shapers of the Middle East art scene. We are delighted to collaborate with Oceane Sailly from Hunna Art for this exhibition in presenting a collective of artists that are pivotal in shaping the burgeoning Middle Eastern art scene today.

Celebrating a diverse tapestry of themes of identity, tradition and the human experience; Small Wonders, Vast Horizons weaves together personal and collective stories that will resonate across time and cultures.

This exhibition places an emphasis on the transformative power of art through smaller-scale artworks. Each work serves as a unique expression, unraveling the complexities of individual and collective narratives.


Small Wonders, Vast Horizons curated by Emergeast and Hunna Art showcases the region's talented emerging artists.