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Euphoric Nature by Tarik Chebli

Characterised by heavily textured acrylic paint, Euphoric Nature offers a gateway into a mystical world of reality and imagination. Tarik’s impenetrable works occupy an expressive realm between figurative landscapes and abstract forms.

Tarik in his studio in Paris 2022

Tarik’s latest body of work reflects the artist’s meditations on the rapidly modernizing world. Inspired by Anselm Kiefer’s visual complexities, Tarik incorporates lively subject matter with a rich and vibrant tactility.

How would nature look like if it was untouched by humankind? Tarik’s scenes of ethereal nature welcome us into this world, raising awareness on the impact of climate change all while taking us along a spiritual journey.

Process of creating Luxure

“Plastic is death. Plastic is petrol, which is dead biomass from millions of years. Plastic is killing nature. My painting is a tribute to nature by forcing plastic to be organic and alive again."

Euphoric Nature on display in Mayfair, London

It is in the instance of transition between the known and unknown and the physical and ethereal that Tarik explores the mysterious and energetic discoveries of an imagined utopia.

Tarik Chebli
Born in Algeria, France
Resides in France

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Tarik Chebli (b. 1993, France) is an Algerian-French visual artist based in Paris. He graduated from the University of Rennes 2, mastering in Plastic Arts Research with a degree in Applied Arts from École Pivaut. Dedicated to his craft, Tarik found his artistic calling through his curiosity in nature and the spiritual realm. Inspired by the work of Anselm Kiefer,…


Euphoric Nature is the first IRL solo exhibition curated by Nikki & Dima in London



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Emergeast Celebrates First Solo Exhibition in London with Tarik Chebli’s ‘Euphoric Nature'

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