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Ecstatic Nature by Tarik Chebli

Tarik Chebli’s works offer a gateway into a mystical underworld of ethereal nature and virgin terrain. His multidimensional layering and heavily textured canvases enable him to oscillate between serene landscapes and abstract shapes, allowing the eyes to momentarily evoke a sensory experience into an abyss of both utopia and escapism.

Tarik Chebli at his studio in Nantes, 2020

"To me, nature is something higher. What is not human, what is not artificial. Painting nature is like the rejection of the stress of this world, of this human drama. I see the divine in nature."

Nasiques Kingdom, Acrylic on canvas

Tarik Chebli is fascinated by the mysticism of nature. He says, "There is something infinite about the secrets and diversity of it, it reassures me.”

Shikogabana II, Acrylic on canvas

From ethereal landscapes to mystical creatures, monkeys, butterflies, birds, and fish, Tarik Chebli portrays the harmonious nature between these pristine lands and its inhabitants. Untouched by humankind, the works delineate an underlying intimate study of spirituality.

Algeria, Acrylic on canvas

While Tarik is often inspired by Japanese nature, he also infuses his culture and identity, "with family in the city of Oran, I was inspired by Algeria's exoticism, its earthly colours. To me, it's up to the artist to show to the world the beauty of a country."

"I like to pour liquid paint on a canvas while it’s on the ground, sometimes by liters. The thickness of matter forms when the paint dries and the bright colours beautifully emerge."

Mangrove, Acrylic on canvas

Tarik’s body of work invites us to find solace in nature. A moment of escape from the stress of uncertainty and ground ourselves in something evergreen.

Tarik Chebli
Born in Algeria, France
Resides in France

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Tarik Chebli (b. 1993, France) is an Algerian-French visual artist based in Paris. He graduated from the University of Rennes 2, mastering in Plastic Arts Research with a degree in Applied Arts from École Pivaut. Dedicated to his craft, Tarik found his artistic calling through his curiosity in nature and the spiritual realm. Inspired by the work of Anselm Kiefer,…


Ecstatic Nature by Tarik Chebli is the first virtual exhibition on Emergeast curated by Nikki & Dima

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Tarik Chebli talks about his solo show, Ecstatic Nature.

Our 2020 silver lining was discovering Tarik's works on social media and getting to know him through countless zoom calls and in depth conversations. We continue to be inspired by his work, his journey and art through his eyes, we hope you are too!