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Dreaming Tomorrow, Group Exhibition

“Love is everything and we are the pieces” - Rumi.

Dreaming Tomorrow reflects the ever-evolving quest of self-exploration by inviting the viewer to embark on a journey of collective transformation, shedding and renewal. Emergeast presents 22 artworks that uniquely steer us away from the usual sobering events and shed light on the emergence of hope and optimism for a better tomorrow.

Henri Abraham Univers in his studio in London

From Henri Abraham Univers' cosmic paintings to Lara Zankoul's surrealist photographs, each work represents a message of rebirth and expansion. The selection of works present the multifaceted way of navigating our internal dialogue to release all that’s holding us back.

Papillons by Tarik Chebli

"I'm enamored by butterflies as they offer me hope. Even only for a short period, they re-enchant my existence and encourage me to believe in magic." - Tarik Chebli

Noor Abuissa in her studio in Qatar

Dreaming Tomorrow showcases our present human experiences with that of our greater potential, reminding us that the message for 2022 is bright and beautiful as we harness the power within to open the doors to a beautiful tomorrow.


Dreaming Tomorrow is the first virtual group exhibition curated by Emergeast.

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