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07 Sep 2022

Euphoric Nature by Tarik Chebli

Alia Kawar

We are pleased to collaborate with J Nicholls Projects to present Tarik Chebli’s solo show, Euphoric Nature, marking our first solo exhibition in London during one of the world’s most anticipated events in the art calendar, Frieze Art Fair 2022. 

Characterised by heavily textured acrylic paint, Euphoric Nature offers a gateway into a mystical world of reality and imagination. Tarik’s impenetrable works occupy an expressive realm between figurative landscapes and abstract forms.

Drawing from both imagination and inspirations from his travels, Tarik translates his encounters with the natural world to reimagine his mystical experience, creating a powerful sense of movement enveloping the viewer. Using his multidimensional layering, Tarik oscillates between a spiritual underworld of imagined utopia and serene ‘soul soothing’ landscapes. It is in this instance of transition between the known and unknown and the physical and ethereal that Tarik explores the mysterious and energetic discoveries of an imagined utopia. Through spontaneous brushstrokes and detailed abstractions, the viewer can enter a sensory experience into an abyss of his euphoric underworld.

Marking a feeling of excitement and happiness, this euphoric land reinstates our duty to protect the divine nature and reminds us of the limitless possibilities it has to offer. ‘I am fascinated by the mysticism of nature. There is something infinite about the secrets and diversity of it, it reassures me.’ – Tarik Chebli

Tarik’s latest body of work reflects the artist’s meditations on the rapidly modernizing world. Inspired by Anslem Kiefer’s visual complexities, Tarik incorporates lively subject matter with a rich and vibrant tactility. Similar to an archaeologist, Tarik often scratches residue of his thick acrylic canvases to uncover and rediscover parts of his painting from early parts in his process. From ethereal landscapes to mystical creatures, monkeys, butterflies, birds, and fish, Tarik portrays the harmonious nature between these pristine lands and its inhabitants. Untouched by humankind, the works delineate an underlying intimate study of spirituality.

View Tarik’s full profile here.