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05 Aug 2020

Beirut & Yemen, We stand with you.

Dima Abdul Kader

Amongst many things, 2020 taught us the importance of oneness. A new way of life that keeps us connected through community building, helping others and using art to raise global awareness. With Beirut and Yemen experiencing tragic events this past year, we had no other choice but to play our part.

In light of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, we held a fundraiser campaign with two prints from our resident Yemeni artist, Amr Attamimi’s ‘Lalaland’ series depicting scenes of dreamy Sana’a. We raised $15,700, surpassing our initial target by 5,700. 100% of proceeds went to Médecins Sans Frontières and Yemen Aid directly used towards benefiting their collapsed healthcare system.

Beirut’s horrific blast that damaged homes, heritage sites, and cultural buildings, caused an overwhelming number of artists from the region to sense the urgency in rebuilding Beirut’s Arts & Culture sector by donating their artwork. We organized two fundraisers, donating 100% of the proceeds to Impact Lebanon and Mophradat respectively and raised $5,050. 

Thanks to our following participating artists:

First fundraiser for Yemen: Amr Attamimi, Adra Kandil, Audree Anid, Faiz Boustany, Humaid Mansoor, Inas Al Soqi, Shadi Talaei, and Soha Ghadour.

Second fundraiser for Beirut: Soha Ghadour, Adra Kandil, and Audree Anid.

We want to send a big thank you to all those who donated to each of our fundraiser campaigns and allowed us to use the arts as a lending hand when our neighbouring countries needed it most. Initiatives like these are very close to our hearts as it allows us to realize our greater purpose of spreading awareness and love in desperate times. We all have a part to play. Keep talking about Beirut and Yemen.