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Yassine Alaoui Ismaili

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Artist’s Story

Yassine Alaoui Ismaili, aka YORIYAS, is a Casablanca-based street photographer / In 2013 YORIYAS started focusing on street photography during his travels around the world and in 2015, his raw and rare talent was rewarded by winning first place at “Middle East Photography Competition” / YORIYAS’ limited edition series that has captured the international art community’s attention is coined “Casablanca...Not the Movie” - ‘Like a Dream’ has been posted by Instagram’s official account as a featured spotlight on the artist / His background as a Hip-hop contemporary dancer and his mathematic sensibilities lead him to unique methods of capturing his pictures / He was chosen for the world street photography book, and the cover of “APF Magazine Street Photography” / This year YORIYAS’ works have been published in the National Geographic, The Guardian, FIFA magazine, Telquel, NY magazine, “fastcodesign”, The Huffington Post, and in magazines from New York, Dubai, Canada, Holland and Germany / YORIYAS is poised to become one of the international art community’s most prolific photographers given his highly unique eye behind the lens.

Full CV


2012 – 2014 Deug in Film and Videos at CAV Media Casablanca
2009 – 2014 Formation Hiphop/Contemporary dance: Cie 2KFar, Lhkz, Maguerite, Street Dance Chicago- Salzburg -Rome-Rio-Seoul
2006 – 2008 Deug in Grafic Arts at Institute of Graphic Arts Casablanca

Group Exhibitions

2016 Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco

2016 Ghaya Gallery Sidi Bou Said, Tunis

2016 Rupture CMOOA Gallery, Marrakech

2016 Gutberg-Nerger Gallery, Hamburg

2016 Offrint Photolondon festival, London
2016 PhotoIreland festival Ireland, Dublin
2016 Mediterranean photography festival, France
2015 Universal exposition Milan, Italy
2015 Le Grenier du Corps Marseille, France
2015 Maville French Cultural Institute Marrakech/Tangier, Morocco


2015 Dance & photography Montel Video, Marseille/France
2015 Urban Art and Media Exchange Cologne, Germany

Awards & Grants

2016 First prize in World Street Photography, Hamburg, Germany
2016 First prize in PhotoMed festival, France
2016 Selected for “OBSCURE STREET” PhotoIreland, Dublin
2015 Second prize Street photo Maville. Morocco
2015 First prize in Middele East Street Photography
2015 National Geographic Yourshot, Daily Dozen
2015 Editor creative note at National Geo

Reviews & Publications

Lensculture Photo publication for Magnum photography award 2016
NY magazine Fastcodesign 2016
World street photography book 2016
Interview with al.arte.Magazine 2016
Machallah news 2015
APF Magazine 2015/2016
Urbain street photography 2015
Fujifilm Middle East Africa 2015
Royal air Maroc print magazine May/Juin 2014

Career Highlights

  • 2016 PhotoIreland festival Ireland, Dublin
  • Offrint Photolondon 2016 Festival, London
  • Won first prize in PhotoMed festival in France
  • 2016 First prize in World street photography, Hamburg, Germany

Series Statement

Most people have seen the the classic 1942 movie Casablanca. In fact, the movie wasn’t even filmed in the city instead, it was filmed in a Hollywood studio. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco where people meet, do nothing, exchange, work and display their appearances, cultures and identities.

Casablanca is a city of diverse cultures, as urbanization transforms the environment, orient and occident, tradition and modernity, community and individuality create moments of contrast and fusion. Some of these moments happen every day, others happen only once. Through one photograph, we can possibly see, enjoy, think, not understand and care more about a scene that we probably wouldn’t have noticed if it wouldn’t have been captured.

This series documents these moments of contrast and fusion to give a close and personal view of real Casablanca life from the perspective of a Moroccan, who was born, grew up and still lives in ‘Caza’.

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