Cereal Killer

Size/73 x 55 cm

Feelin Alive

Size/65 x 60 cm

Lookin Out

Size/60 x 60 cm

Astral Gate

Size/60 x 60 cm


Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence


Saudi Arabia

New York, U.S.A

Artist’s Story

The Saudi Arabian born and raised artist is currently based in New York City / As an artist of our time, RexChouk has successfully placed his movement on the pop culture map in a very short period of time / His paintings are a contemporary commentary of our system / He uses characters and expressions imbued with icons and slang from global pop culture / Experimenting with different media, the artist reflects on a current emotion, thought or current affair / Through asking himself ‘But Why’, RexChouk aims to raise awareness and urge self-awareness through his contemporary choice of media and art form / As an emerging artist, RexChouk has successfully participated in group and solo exhibitions in New York City and London / Disseminating the But Why movement, which include Walton Fine Arts Gallery, London and Hole Gallery, New York/

Full CV

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Group Exhibition, Art Hearts Fashion, Curated by Six Summit Gallery at Angel Orsensaz Center, Lower East Side, NYC, USA

2016 BORDERS International Art and Architecture Festival, Venice, Italy

2016 Group Exhibition, WONDERBEING Pop-Up curated by Maak Haus, West Village, NYC, USA

2016 Solo exhibition, ‘RexChouk at Majick City’, curated by Art of Choice, NYC, USA

2016 Walton Fine Arts Gallery, London, UK

2016 Group exhibition, ‘Millenial Disruption’, Infinito gallery, NYC, USA

2016 Group exhibition, ‘Other Side of Pop’ August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh, USA

2015 First Pop up show at the Hole gallery NYC, USA

2015 Pop up show, But Why productions, NYC, USA

Career Highlights

  • 2016 Solo exhibition, ‘RexChouk at Majick City’, Curated by Art of Choice, NYC, USA
  • 2016 Participant in current Group Exhibition in August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh, USA
  • 2016 Walton Fine Arts, London, UK

Artist Statement

I use art as a form of expression to raise awareness toward self awareness development and growth, however, RexChouk vibes are millennial. In my 2016 works, it introduces RexChouk more, my experiences to allow the viewer to take a closer look into the RXC world, inspired by my personal experiences and pop culture.

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