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Darwiche series

Size/50 x 50 cm

Darwiche Karakoz

Size/180 x 150 cm

Darwiche Love

Size/200 x 150 cm

Raouf Rifai

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Artist’s Story

Raouf Rifai was born in Lebanon in 1954 / He lives and works in Beirut / He has a Ph.D, in Urban Planning from the Sorbonne in Paris and teaches art at the University of Lebanon / Raouf has taken part in numerous Collective shows in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Japan / He has also had more than fifteen solo exhibitions since 1984 / In 2010, he was awarded the first prize of the Sursock Museum’s Salon d’automne in Beirut / Raouf Rifai has been successfully auctioned at Christies Dubai in 2011 /

Full CV

Solo Shows

2013-2015 Karakouz, Mark Hachem gallery, Beirut, LEBANON
Carnaval of darawiches, Sana gallery, Singapore, SINGAPORE
Carnaval of darawiches, TJ Fine Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Karakouz, Mark Hachem gallery, New-York, USA
Harmony, Farhat Art Center, California, USA  
2012 Interlude, Athr Gallery, Jeddah, KSA Darawich, Farhat Art Center, California, USA Darawish, Ahli Bank, Beirut, LEBANON  
2011 Al Bustan gallery “Festival 2011” Beit Mery, LEBANON    
2010 Casa del ARTE, gallery Istanbul, TURKEY Art Circle Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON Piece unique gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2009 CCF Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2008 LC Gallery, SPAIN  
2007 ARTE, Dubai Gallery, UAE  
2006 C.C.F Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2004 C.C.F Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2003 Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2001 Espace SD Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
1997 Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
1991 Sud Gallery, Bagneux, FRANCE  
1990 Hautefeuilles Gallery, Paris, FRANCE  
1989 C.L Gallery, Los Angeles, USA  
1988 World Center Gallery, New Orleans, USA Bernanos Gallery, Paris, FRANCE  
1986 Caepo Gallery, Paris, FRANCE  
1984 Arab cultural center, Damascus, SYRIA Chahine Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  

Group Shows

2015 The Middle-East Artsits Art Collection, Afaq Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON
2013 The new Middle East, Inforimart Center, Paris, FRANCE Installation, Modern and contemporary Art Museum, Alita, LEBANON  
2013 Art Dubai, Athr Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2013 Paris Art Fair, Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris, FRANCE
2013 Miami Art Fair, Mark Hachem Gallery, Miami, USA
2013 Syri-art, Beirut Exhibition Center, Beirut, LEBANON
2013 He and SHE, Al Markhiya Art gallery, Doha, QATAR
2013 Private Collection, Afaq Gallery and Solidere, SV Gallery, Beirut,LEBANON
2013 White flags, Kent University, London, UK  
2012 ABC Art Gallery’s Exhibition, Athr Gallery, Berlin, GERMANY
2012 Art Dubai, Athr Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2012 Art Collection, Afaq Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON
2012 Middle Eastern Art, Gallery 13, Athr Gallery, London, UK
2012 Beirut Art Fair, Raja Sertin Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2011 Craponne 10eme Bienal, Craponne, FRANCE
2011 Athr Gallery “Self portrait” Jeddah, KSA & London, UK
2011 Menasart-fair, Raja Nehme sertin Art Gallery, Biel Beirut, LEBANON
2011 Rebirth Beirut Exhibition center Solidere, Beirut, LEBANON
2011 Art Dubai, Athr gallery, Dubai, UAE  
2009 Raja Sertin Gallery, LEBANON
2009 Art Circle Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON
2009 Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Beirut, LEBANON  
2008 Janine Rubeiz Gallery, ‘Impressions sur place‘ Beirut, LEBANON
2009 Matossian Gallery, “let the earth breathe” Beirut, LEBANON  
2006 Lebanese foundation of the national Library in collaboration with Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Sursock museum, Beirut, LEBANON  
2005 Sursock museum, ‘Salon d’Automne’, Beirut, LEBANON    
2004 Mayfair‘ Lebanon Gallery, the artist’s view cork street’, London, UK  
2002 Rencontres méditerranéennes, TUNIS Biennale Bagdad, IRAQ  
2001 Biennale, Alexandria, EGYPT International salon of contemporary arts ‘Artuel’, Beirut, LEBANON  
1999 Fiac, Beirut hall, Beirut LEBANON  
1998 Biennale Asia, BANGLADESH  

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