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An Expression of Now 30:1

Size/100 x 100 cm

An Expression of Now 28:2

Size/100 x 100 cm

Noor Abuissa

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Doha, Qatar

Artist’s Story

Noor Abuissa graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art and a focus on linking Islamic Geometric Art to the Spiritual in Abstract Geometric Art / Her work stems from, but does not imitate, Islamic design / She is inspired by the ability of traditional Islamic art to communicate emotions through the use of simple geometry and vibrant colour, and is drawn to the balance achieved through the symmetry in this abstract form of art / Noor has created her artistic language by adapting Islamic geometric design into contemporary art / She subsequently applies it in painting, sculpture, and furniture design to respectively highlight its most unique values: power of colour, simplicity in form and undeniable beauty /

Full CV

Selected Exhibitions

2019 Solo Exhibition: An Expression of Now, Qatar Foundation (Doha, Qatar)
2018 Red Bull Curates Dhow Art, FBQ Museum (Doha, Qatar)
2018 Contemporary Art Qatar, Manege (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2018 What We Are Made Of, Cosmoscow Art Fair (Moscow, Russia)
2017 Contemporary Art Qatar, Kraftwerk Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
2017 Roche Bobois Charity Auction, Al Bahie (Doha, Qatar)
2016 Artist in Residence Exhibition, Fire Station (Doha, Qatar)
2016 Fashion Dream House, Salam Stores and The Gate Mall (Doha, Qatar)
2015 International Emerging Artist Award 4th Award Edition Launch Event (Dubai, UAE)
2015 Art on Fashion Scarves Pop Up Exhibition at The Fire Station (Doha, Qatar)
2015 Solo Exhibition at Blue Fig (Amman, Jordan)
2015 A2 Group Exhibition at Anima Gallery (Doha, Qatar)
2015 Saudi Design Week (Riyadh, KSA)
2014 Here There at Qatar Museums Gallery Al Riwaq (Doha, Qatar)
2013 Canary Wharf Arts & Events (London, UK)
2012 Central Saint Martins Degree Show (London, UK)
2011Group Exhibition on Psychoanalysis at Central Saint Martins (London, UK)
2010 Collaborative Public Art Installation with AIR-Archway Investigations and Responses (London, UK)
2009 Group Exhibition of Collaborative Installation at Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw (London, UK)

Career Highlights

  • 2019 Solo Exhibition, " An Expression of Now", Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar
  • 2018 What We Are Made Of, Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia
  • 2017 Contemporary Art Qatar, Kraftwerk Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Series Statement

"An Expression of Now"

Noor Abuissa’s artistic practice is founded on the semantics of Islamic geometry and design. Using abstract geometry as her visual language and intuition as her guiding process, Abuissa’s work deconstructs the picture plane into forms and shapes steered by a careful use of colour. Derailing the genre from its usual need to create a whole image of impact, the artist instead reflects immediate and singular thought, intention and emotion. In this body of work, Abuissa disregards the ‘bigger picture’, and highlights the details, the connections, the crossings, the sparks, and the starts – appreciating them in isolation. The artist wills the viewer to take a step back from end results and contemplate the celebration of small joys, potential beginnings, links and happy accidents through this visual sphere. In the wake of mundane everyday experiences, this series of 14 paintings compels their audience to let go of self-induced pressure, ignore composition, and embrace raw feelings and beginnings of internal dialogue. Wafting through each edge, an air of possibility and potential is born.

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