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Red Melody

Size/70 x 140 cm


Size/75 x 115 cm

Candles in the Wind

Size/80 x 80 cm

Day and Night

Size/70 x 100 cm


Size/80 x 80 cm


Size/47 x 76 cm


Size/43 x 63 cm

Get Together

Size/53 x 53 cm

Haibat Balaa Bawab

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Artist’s Story

Haibat Balaa Bawab weaves narratives of Beirut and its people in her collages and in her oil paintings that are clones of collage. She assembles fragments gathered from popular sources, such as magazines, stamps and bills to chart the fabrics of the city by literally using paper to express her popular iconographies. She composes figurative images using abstract media. From the lustrous and reflective surfaces of the haute bourgeoisie’s houses to the floral and polychromatic patterns of peasants, refugees and beggars, Balaa employs different cut-outs as a signifier status.

Haibat Balaa received her BA in Fine Arts from Beirut University College now (the Lebanese American University) in 1975. She has taught in several institutions since the late 1970’s, including the National Educational Center for Research and Development, the Young Women’s Christian Association, and the Lebanese American University. Since 2001 Balaa is the Fine Arts Coordinator at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST). She has participated in collective exhibitions in AUB, LAU, ALBA, Haigazian, Galerie Rochane, Station Des Arts, Sursock Museum, Grand Palais in Paris, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrein, Kuwait, among others. She held solo exhibitions at Amateur Gallery (1991), Epreuve d’Artist (1996), Espace SD (2006), Galerie Alwan (2010), AUST (2012), Art On56th (2014) and Agial Gallery (2018). In 1982, she was awarded a prize by the Central Bank of Lebanon for designing a new Lebanese currency.

A monograph of her work was published in 2012 titled “ Haibat Balaa Bawab: The Art of Collage”. Balaa composed AUST publications titled “Beyond the Medium I” and “Beyond the Medium II”. Balaa is a member of the Lebanese Association of Painters and Sculptors and a member in Syndicat des artistes.

Full CV

Solo Shows

1991 Amateur, Beirut.
1992 Maarouf Saad Cultural Center,Saida.
1996 Epreve d’Artiste, Beirut.
2006 Espace S.D., Beirut.
2010 Galerie Alwane, Beirut.
2012 AUST, Beirut.
2014 Art on 56th Beirut.
2018 Agial Gallery.

Group Shows

1975 BUC, Beirut.
1975 AUB, Beirut.
1979 Makhoul show, Beirut.
1980 Makhoul show, Beirut.
1982 Ministry of tourism, Beirut.
1982 AUB, Beirut.
1983-1993 Salon de l’Alba, Lebanese Academy for Fine Arts, Beirut
1983 “Eight BUC art graduates”, BUC, Beirut.
1988 “Three BUC art generations”, BUC, Beirut.
1991-1993 Lebanese Art Association.
1991-2000 Salon d’Automne, Sursok meuseum, Beirut.
1992 “Portrait in Lebanese Art” BUC, Beirut.
1992 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris.
1993 Stations des Arts.
1994 International College, Beirut.
1995 Bahrain.
1995 Dubai.
1995-1996 Kuwait.
1996 Sharjah, UAE (two exhibits)
1997 Bahrain.
1998 Abu Dhabi, UAE.
1998 Egypt.
1998 Tabbara center, Beirut.
1999 Galerie Rochane, Beirut.
2006 Espace S.D., Beirut.
2009 Spring exhibition at AUST for eleven eminent artists.
2012 LAU Alumni art exhibition: The Homecoming.
2014 Haigazian University: Women, Inspirations &Expressions
2019 Invited to participate in the 8th Beijing Biennale China


1979 First prize for painting at Makhoul.
1980 First prize for painting at Makhoul.
1982 First and unique prize for designing a new Lebanese currency organized by the Central Bank

Artist Statement

Haibat Balaa’s oil paintings, focus on memories, on daily life and on the occasional escape from the busy schedule. Born in the city and having lived in it all of her life, the day-to-day scenes have had an effect on her and were translated in the artworks through her own style of art. The markets and the busy city streets are part of her everyday life. With this busy and restless life comes the need for a getaway and a time for relaxation. In that respect, scenes from the village, the harvest and the old times come into our minds. Carpets, rugs and oriental tapestry are found as a reminder of times of serenity and relaxation and are thus a recurring theme in the artworks. This group of oil paintings are a linkage between our daily lives and the relaxing times.

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