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Lalaland IV

Size/70 x 105 cm

Lalaland III

Size/70 x 105 cm

Amr Attamimi

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Artist’s Story

Born and raised in Yemen. Amr reflects his emotions and experiences through photography in a country where artists often find trouble to break through the barrier of tradition and conservative society. Through various stages of highs and lows, Amr takes a moment to express what he feels channeling his utmost experiences and inner emotions through art. Amr is currently living in London.

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2014 The Basement Foundation, Sana’a Yemen
2013 The Basement Foundation titled Sana’a Yemen

Group Exhibitions

2016 EMERGEAST Auction III, Dubai, UAE
2015 Group exhibition at the European Union Embassy, Sana’a Yemen

Career Highlights

  • 2016 EMERGEAST Auction III, Dubai, UAE
  • 2014 Solo exhibition The Basement Foundation titled Sana’a Yemen

Artist Statement

Growing up in Yemen comes with a number of limitations, and that is where the alternative inside me was born. Through my photographs, I was able to travel through time and space to reflect my feelings, my imagination and my protesting. I like to take my viewers to a journey where objects and matters are not bound to dimensions, to see how many of us in places like Yemen struggle, indulge and go on with our lives. Through digital photography and manipulation, I bring together the past into the future.

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