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18 Nov 2020

5 Reasons an Artwork is the Perfect Gift for the Season

Dima Abdul Kader

This year was a blessed mess, a blessing in a corona covered disguise. The blessing of realizing at least one revelation about ourselves, about those around us, and/or on life in general. We’ve been pushed and tossed to limits that would have never surfaced if it weren’t for this pandemic. Time made its grand appearance and urged us all to slow down; we were able to grow, to become more compassionate towards one another, and to learn how to be more appreciative of moments spent with the family and friends that were around us (especially on rare outings when we’ve dressed up and had somewhere to go ;).  Although we were isolated from our loved ones, we somehow felt more connected to one another and carved a deep understanding of compassion and love  (shoutout goes to the all-mighty Zoom with special credits to FaceTime!).

It's still 2020 but that doesn’t stop the holiday from being a source of comfort.

This Christmas might make the distance feel even more painful, but that doesn’t stop the holiday from being a source of comfort. At Emergeast, we want to give you the chance to show your appreciation to that person that’s been by your side during the lowest parts of 2020 and were still able to rise from it. With 5 reasons why it is the perfect gift, we've included just a few of our top picks!

1. Nothing says "you're special" like an original artwork

An artwork is passion, soul and creativity to say the least. Each artwork mulled over delicately by the artist to deliver a personalized yet universal message to the world. It holds intrinsic value simply because it’s not found anywhere else. Gifting a unique artwork tells your gift recipient you are as special and original.

2. It’s been one hell of a year

The pandemic has gotten us feeling all sorts of things. Between the highs and the lows there have been those poignant moments and silver linings speckled around us. There is no way better to end the year that was 2020 than with an artwork that reflects where we were at this point of time. When the work is hung in your space, it will bring up conversations about memories, fun and challenging moments, and the hopes and dreams for the future.

3. It's Covid friendly

Donning your mask, face shield and whatever other Covid armor you need to venture out into the Xmas bustle is not necessary here! Your most thoughtful Xmas shopping can take place from the comfort of your own home with the help of online art assistants and more.

4. Connect with  loved ones from afar

Being separated from our loved ones for months, has made us want to show our appreciation of them even more. An artwork chosen by you with the interests and passions of your loved one in mind, can be the most thoughtful gift. It shows that you understand that person and what they enjoy, it speaks of your friendship, and will be something beautiful that they will always remember you for.

5. There are a lot of Affordable options

Gifting artwork doesn’t need to be expensive. We’ve curated special gift guide selection of diverse styles that will meet your holiday budget with works like Stereo Queen by Egyptian artist, Perryhan Ashmawi starting at $190. You can also check out our under $900 selection for various gifting options that come in all sizes.

Tous Ensemble by Elham Etmadi, USD 1600
Untitled, Vase series by Ahoo Hamedi, USD 950
Muffled by Helen Zughaib, USD 1600
Elements (Palestine) by Adnan Samman, USD 250
Untitled, Andalusian Era series by Mays Al Moosawi, USD 600
Untitled, Wall series by Zieyad Ghazi, USD 700

Because what’s more thoughtful than a unique gift!

A gift from us to you, we are offering free shipping until December 25th. To view the full gift guide on emergeast.com click here!