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01 Feb 2021

3 Stages of Falling in Love...with an artwork

Dima Abdul Kader

Love is all around us. It looks for us, it enters our lives as a surprise sometimes!

That’s why we fall in love with art. Because art is reflective of all things that inspire and move us. It can remind us of a part of ourselves or someone close to our hearts. In its very elements and technique, it can make us more connected to our emotions or transcend us to a different place. While there are so many ways of falling in love with an artwork, here are 3 stages you might find yourself in while browsing for that special one.

1. Love at first artwork

The first piece of your collection can catch your eye with its appearance. Similar to seeing a picture of someone you might find attractive, or already falling in love with that one TV show character. This work probably stood out even after seeing many pictures or works to compare to. Something in its general composition, color, or subject just caught your eye – a coup de foudre. An unexplainable connection.

Bandit by Mehrdad Jafari, 75x60cm

2. Second date worthy?

After that initial attraction, your curiosity might start to flare up, wanting to know more about the artwork and its artist. That’s when you begin to read about the artist’s life and the story behind their artwork that either makes you want to spend more time with that person, maybe schedule another date, or realize that that piece really wasn’t for you. But taking that risk in the beginning, is what will help you find out if there is that deeper connection.

Seekers by Mona Nahle, 120x140cm

3. Relationship ready

After a couple of dates, you’ve pondered about the artwork, realized you’ve been thinking about it in your downtime, sometimes daydreaming about it. Something inside you tells you it’s the one. You are ready to take it to the next level. In other words, ready to make that first investment.

Your first piece, like your first relationship won’t necessarily be perfect. You’ll find that you can either fall in love with the piece forever or some others might steal your heart as your taste may evolve down the road. Regardless of your future feelings for the work, it will nonetheless always have a certain meaning to you, a place in your heart as your first love. You’ll just have to take that first step and see where it takes you.

Seduction by Maya Chaar Saliba, 100x100cm
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