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08 May 2024

Khalid Albaih: Shahid Exhibition in Doha

Dima Abdul Kader

Shahid, a poignant and impactful installation recently unveiled at Doha’s mathaf by Sudanese artist Khalid Al Baih. Shahid (Witness) confronts the Western media's neglect to cover the Sudanese reality, juxtaposed with the simultaneous ignorance towards the genocide in Gaza. The installation is an emotionally charged journey, urging us to collectively witness the horrors unfolding, one massacre after another in Gaza.

Khalid plunges the viewer into the heart-wrenching viral imagery that has shattered our souls time and again. Amidst the agony, we're reminded not to let these scenes fade from memory. Every image narrates a story, a name, every story echoes pain and resilience. The immersive installation honors the innocent lives lost by Saying their Names, etched on a 200m scroll, their names echo beyond time and space, etched in our heart. In this darkness, we stand as witnesses to humanity's suffering.


“Through this act of solidarity with Gaza, I also stand in solidarity with Sudan and other overlooked countries in conflict in the Global South. I firmly believe that only when the world sees the well-documented genocide in Gaza, will It see us all.” Khalid Al Baih