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Untitled, Lawha Lil-Dawha series

Bouthayna Al Muftah / Qatar

Ink on paper


About The Artwork

The “Lawha Lil-Dawha” series represents Bouthayna’s latest inspirations from her research into her country’s past. Closely studying her country’s modern history, the artist landed on the early 80’s, a time that marked a new dawn in her hometown of Doha. The series is named after the poem “Lawha Lil-Dawha” by Qatari poet Marouf Rafiq. Through Rafiq’s words she is drawn to poetry for her latest embodiment of her land’s history and the faces that occupied that time. This body of work physically represents the words behind this poem, which personifies her home country's growth with splendor and grace. True to Bouthayna’s practice, she delicately travels to the past and brings back a tale that defines who her homeland is today. Bouthayna’s deconstructing and reconstructing approach shapes the narrative of her work as an archival process of documenting memories and immortalizing them in a time and space capsule.

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