Original Crowd II - EMERGEAST
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Original Crowd II

Sara Tohme / Lebanon

Acrylic on canvas


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About The Artwork

Recently, we’ve seen a shift in relationships and human connections. We are connected more than ever online, but are so far away physically. What I wanted to explore with my work was art’s power to connect people. I wanted to foster this missing physical human connection and keep people connected even when they were not aware. My crowd series consists of around 12 paintings, made over 3 years, that form a sequence. Today each one of these painting is somewhere in the world, from Australia, to the US, to Lebanon. The people that own them have never met, they will probably never meet, but they all share a piece of the same crowd.
This symbolically connects them through my art. This experience of knowing that the other parts of the painting they have is somewhere in the world, is what I am constantly seeking to accomplish.
As an artist, I believe that I have a responsibility to mitigate emotions for people looking at my paintings. I want to constantly motivate people to stop and think about this connection or link they have to a stranger in the world and say “what if”. What if they had met the person with the other part of this painting and their life changed? what if that person was someone they were looking for? after all they do have 1 thing in common (at least).
This is the truth that I want to reveal, I want to encourage people to see my work with a different perspective. When they look at my painting and see a crowd, I want them to remember that this crowd consists of them, and all of the people they have met in the past, havent met yet, or never will meet but could have.

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