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Happiness Hotel, Timeless series

Muhcine Ennou / Morocco

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) on fine art paper
Edition 1 of 10


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About The Artwork

Timeless started from nothing but an empty digital canvas. Using CGI as a new medium for creative expression provides limitless abilities. Deserts are uncanny topographies. There is sand. There are dunes. There is very little human interaction. And yet these particular moments that are brought to life in the desert are not happening in the “void”, they are situated. The images bridge between two worlds and two realities: two visible sets of elements that have not been imagined to collide, or to exist in the same spatio temporalities. The eye is suddenly re-educated to not fear the emptiness of the desert. It is no longer associated with being lost. It is not tied to a local experience yet resonating with local identities beyond the national. We shared the conviction that art continues to exist as an alternative from our current realities— gateways to re-imagined worlds, re-imagined deserts, escapes that are more accommodating of bodies, ways of thinking and ways of being. The desert stands as a place to emphasised on multiple times. Yet it is place that cannot be devoid of functionalities beyond the ones it has been known for. It is rich. It is uncanny. It is limitless and timeless. What would it be like to have coffee in the desert? What about coming across a museum of dreams? Stepping into the sun? re-learning minimalism through imagined mutualities beyond nationalist lenses? The re-interpretation that Muhcine brings forward are also ones which bridge between what is, what is imagined, and what could be, making of the imagined and surreal a transcended visual experience.

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