For Every Olive Tree (Art Drive for Palestine) - EMERGEAST
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For Every Olive Tree (Art Drive for Palestine)

Adra Kandil / Lebanon

Digital print on Hahnemühle matte paper
Edition of 30


About The Artwork

For Every Olive Tree Darwish, in his writings, discusses the enduring olive tree, deeply entrenched in the earth, serving as a symbol of Palestinian resilience. Palestinians derive safety and stillness from the tree's role as a silent witness to their struggles, effectively preserving their history, heritage and home. Our connection to our homeland predates any concept of nationality. This bond is so profound that we often inquire about each other's roots, as if our very beings are intertwined with the core of the earth. Our very lifeblood flows through the ground, binding us to it. We nurture the dream of our ancestral homeland. Whether it's your mother's unwavering commitment to preparing your favorite dish with her special olive oil on Sundays, or a perpetual symbol that yields a dream for freedom.

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