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Action through Action II

Size/30 x 42 cm

Action through Action I

Size/30 x 42 cm

Gesture 19

Size/50 x 65 cm

Revolution II

Size/42 x 60 cm

Opus 13

Size/100 x 100 cm

Playing with Fire II

Size/100 x 100 cm

Eruption / Opus 49

Size/100 x 100 cm

Vahan Roumelian

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Artist’s Story

During his school days, Vahan was a difficult and rebellious pupil, the only classes where his behavior was satisfying was in painting classes / The shapes Vahan drew might seem weird and ambiguous to others, but for him they were of great importance and held deep significance / He was not an easy character to deal with at the Fine Art Institute either / The only reason his instructors were patient towards his eccentric personality was thanks to his apparent talent /For Vahan art styles are like the four cardinal directions: they all start from the same point / Vahan’s works have been exhibited internationally across France, Germany, Brazil and many more countries/

Full CV


1991 Fine Arts Institute, Yerevan

Selected Exhibitions

2018 “Celebration of Dreams” Exhibition at Beirut Souks, Lebanon
2017 Solo Exhibition at Beirut Souks, Lebanon
2016’’Enchanted Reality’’, Beirut, Lebanon
2014 Selected Art Works, Vienna, Austria
2014 ”Beauty in the Palm'', Beirut, Lebanon
2013 10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2013 ”Sensual Revelations", Beirut, Lebanon
2012 Grand Opening of a New Art Center of Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2012 “Symphony of Colors", Beirut, Lebanon
2011 Art Monaco
2010 Modern Art Museum of Armenia
2010 ’’Colors of Armenia’’, Milan, Paris, Vienna
2009 International Art Expo, China
2008 Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy
2007 Orangerie du Luxembourg Musée d'Art Moderne d'Arménie, Paris, France
2006 International Art Expo New York, USA
2005 Galleria d'Arte Rinascimento,
Florence, Italy
2004 WCAF Show, Hilton
Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA
2001 Euro-Art, V Salon International
d'Artistes Contemporains, Barcelona, Spain
1998 Galeria de Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1995 Bochum Museum, Germany
1991 Galerie les Cents, Paris, France
1989 Salon des Independants, Grand Palais, Paris, France

Museums and Collections

Danielle François Mitterand, Paris. Daimler Chrysler Cultural Center, Moscow
Modern Art Museum of Armenia. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. History Museum of Armenia.
Kathryn Hixson, (C.A.C.A.) Chicago. Phillip Marsden, Art Critic, London. Bertzor Modern Art Museum, Artsakh

Career Highlights

  • 2017 Solo Exhibition at Beirut Souks, Lebanon
  • Works included in Museums in Paris, Moscow, Yerevan and Chicago