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I Know Where You Slept Last Night

Size/110 x 155 cm

Away from the Transition

Size/80 x 100 cm

Why Don’t You Just Take The Knife?

Size/110 x 155 cm

I Put A Spell On You

Size/110 x 155 cm

Keep On Playing Your Favourite Song

Size/70 x 100 cm

Taher Jaoui

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Artist’s Story

Tunisian born Taher started his artistic journey as an artist during his days as an actor in Paris and Los Angeles / He originally began painting the walls of his home as a way to release his emotions before performances / After receiving positive feedback from visitors he decided to commit to painting full time / Since that turning point 3 years ago, his artworks have been exhibited across Europe, Japan, USA, Tunisia and Morocco / His technique is based on constructing the composition by layers / Taher’s artworks are strongly influenced by the Abstract Expressionism movement, as well as Berlin street art and African masks /

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2018 'Daydreaming Impressions', Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2018 Musk & Amber Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2017 Galerie de la Rotonde Stalingrad, Paris, France
2016 ‘Masques Simulacres’, Musk & Amber Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2015 ‘Métamorphoses’ Collage Solo Show, Gallerie les Insolites, Tangier, Morocco
2015 ‘Simulacrum Collage Solo Collages’, Atelier Milana Smokvine, Rijeka, Croatia
2014 ‘Cause & Effect’, BetaHaus, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition

2017 Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 'Cutting Edge', Prophit Art Zine annd Lula Valletta, Malta
2017 ’50 Contemporary Artists’, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin, Germany
2017 ‘Marveloues’, Sebatopol Center of Arts, California, USA
2016 Ludwig Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 ‘Dada 100 years after’, Agora Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 Affordable Art Fair Milan, Gaudi Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2016 ‘Let me be your Hero’, Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2015 ‘GlueHeads #3’, Hochparterre Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘Minimal Collagen’, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ’30 Days around the World’, Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 48 Stunden Neukoelln, Studio 74, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover’, Maison de l’image, Tunis, Tunisia
2015 ‘Artists from Berlin’, Chef d’oeuvre, Tokyo, Japan
2015 ‘Black and White’, Ethnik Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘GlueHeads #2’, Argh Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘Finders Keepers’, Art Share, LA, USA
2015 ‘GlueHeads #1’, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014- 2015 ‘Mini-prints’, Heiki Arndt DK Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘Colagistas Festival’, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘Duality’, Espacio Gallery, London, UK
2014 ‘Mixed Medias’, Pop-up Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany


2014 Collaboration with Arthouse perfumery, Folies à plusieurs, Berlin, Germany

Career Highlights

  • 2017 '50 Contemporary Artists', Group exhibition, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016 'Masques Simulacres', Solo show, Musk & Amber Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
  • 2014 'Cause & Effect', Solo show, BetaHaus, Berlin, Germany

Artist Statement

I translate impulses of the moment in an action with material. I work on establishing a subconscious dialogue between the composition and my feeling of the present moment. I add elements (colours, shapes or piece of paper) on the support only when I feel emotionally connected in the moment.