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Untitled 31

Size/100 x 70 cm

Reem Yassouf

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Artist’s Story

Damascus born Reem Yassouf graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting, University of Damascus in 2000 / Since then she has taken part in many solo and collective exhibitions in her homeland, Jordan, Lebanon, London, UK, Paris and the USA / Reem was awarded the certificate of honor for plastic arts and jewellery design from the World Innovation Center in 2010 and certificates from the World Gold Council in Dubai to design jewellery in 2004 - 2006 - 2008 /
She participated in the Syrian art exhibition sponsored by World Bank spring meetings 2014 Washington USA / Reem Yassouf’s work is highly poetic and ethereal / Her signature is dominant in white and gray shades and strong grounding shadows that contrast the light portrayals of floating figures bearing symbols related to the world of childhood/

Full CV

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Untitled: Art from Syria, Rafia Arts, Dubai, UAE
2016 “Ego Partagé” collective exhibition, europia gallery, paris, France

2016 “La Syrie au coeur”, Gallery Neuf, France

2016 ‘Voices’, Al Markhiya gallery, Doha, Qatar

2015 Solo Exhibition in ReGallery, Netherlands

2015 Art on paper, Art on 56th, Beirut, Lebanon

2015 Art 15 London, “Emerging and upcoming artists from Lebanon and the MEA”, Art on 56th,UK
2015 Collective
2015, Art on 56th, Beirut, Lebanon

2014 Art 14 London, Art on 56th, London, England

2014 Solo Exhibition, Art on 56th, Beirut, Lebanon

2014 Exhibition for Syrian Art sponsored by World Bank (Spring Meetings 2014),
Washington, USA

2014 Art 14 London with Art on 56th Gallery, London, England

2013-2014 Summer Collective Exhibition with Art on 56th Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 Book Art Exhibition at the Conference Place, Aqaba, Jordan

2012 Exhibition of Young Artists at Gallery Kozah, Syria

2012 Zara Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2012-2013 Beirut Art Fair, 3rd and 4th Edition, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 Collective Exhibition for Syrian artists, Orient Gallery, Jordan

2012 Collective Exhibition, Les Plumes Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2012 Exhibition “Are United in Art” in house of Opera, Syria

2008-2009 Post interstitial cement sculpture workshop in the French Cultural Center,
Damascus, Syria

2005 Fair visions Women in Khan Asaad Pasha archaeological sponsored by the
American Cultural Center, Syria

2003 Exhibition Arabs & the World, Syria
2002-2003 Exhibition Artists Around the World, Syria

2002 Youth Exhibition, Syria

2002 Spring Exhibition of Art - House System - sponsored by Shell Oil, Syria

Career Highlights

  • 2016 Untitled: Art from Syria, Rafia Arts, Dubai, uAE
  • 2016 “Ego Partagé” collective exhibition, europia gallery, paris, France