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Family Limit

Size/173 x 173 cm

Self Limit 1

Size/150 x 100 cm

Self Limit 2

Size/100 x 80 cm

Ramah Al Husseini

Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence


Saudi Arabia


Artist’s Story

Ramah Al Husseini, born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / After graduating in 2006, she moved to Canada where she obtained a Bachelor's degree of Studio Arts, Fine Arts, from the University of Concordia located in Montreal / Since moving back to the Middle East, Ramah participated in group and solo exhibitions all over the GCC, as well as curating/managing different art exhibitions and events / One of her solo exhibitions was held at Bab Market in
2013 that was organized by the ministry of culture of Bahrain / She also exhibited her work at Loud Art group exhibition in Desert Design in Khobar and Naila Gallery in Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2014, the 3rd annual Ras al Khaimah art exhibition 2015 in the UAE, also at the Taste exhibition held at Malja Bahrain in August 2015 /

Artist Statement

Realizing the reality that surrounds me, I am just an example, a subject of culture, an illustration of the mentality it perfectly brewed up for me/us, and without any comprehension we sip from it constantly. I realized that it wasn’t anyone’s fault really, the invisible shackles that we placed on ourselves were heavy. Shackles that came to be because of the social pressure that appeared from being a subject of a one classified society, and the feeling of belonging or the fear of no longer belonging to such a big community is what drives it. I feared to be different, to start something different. “it's just how things are” or “its how it is” limiting even the idea or thought or the possibility of something different/change. But ultimately it’s all in our heads, minds, mental state that we allow ourselves to be in. Sometimes, most of the time, its extremely hard to get out of even if our conscious knows we need out. Cause it's just easier to follow,because it’s so nice to belong.