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The Camp #6

Size/60 x 60 cm

The Camp #5

Size/100 x 100 cm

Human and Place #4

Size/40 x 40 cm

Human and Place #1

Size/40 x 40 cm

Human and Place #2

Size/40 x 40 cm

Human and Place #6

Size/40 x 40 cm

Raed Issa

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Artist’s Story

Co-founder of the artistic group El Tiqa in Gaza / Raed’s efforts in disseminating his cultural roots and experiences hailing from Gaza have reached far and wide / Exhibiting in international fairs and renowned institutions / Raed’s art still portrays a humble and emotional side / Rife in his works is the human struggle prevalent in his everyday mind / Yet Raed’s artistic approach delivers a uniquely calming story that has captured the hearts of his audience worldwide / As a leading contemporary Palestinian artist paving his way as a one of our present greats, Raed shares with us his poignant Mulatham series here/
"I try to express scenes in a language loved by all."

Full CV


1999-2002 Course by Professor Marwan Bachi, Member of Berlin Arts Center
1995-1997 Diploma of Computer Science, The Islamic University, Gaza

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Espoir, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France
2010 Corpes, French Cultural Center, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus, Gaza – Palestine
2009 Visions, French Cultural Center, Gaza, Palestinian
2008 1000 Portraits, Gallery hors-jeu – Project with Swiss artist Eliane Bytreson, Geneva,
2008 Views, Gallery Toxi”n”co, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 Project, Scholarships Ateliers (ARJ) Geneva, Switzerland
2004 Al-Fajei’ah, Gothe Center, Ramallah, Palestine
2002 Fajei’ah (Catastrophe), Qattan Foundation Project, Ramallah, Palestine
2001 Spirit of the Earth, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine

Group Exhibitions

2014 Qalandia International Biennale, Eltiqa Gallery, Gaza, Palestine
2012 Expo. Elmahras workshop, Tunisia
2012 Gaza-art, Eltiqa Gallery, Gaza, Palestine
2011 Expo. In villa du toi, Geneva
2011 (Gaza – Ramallah), University Toulouse, France
2011 Rencontre, Eltiqa Gallery, Gaza, Jerusalem, Palestine
2010 Proche-Orient Festival -city of Lily-Rose, France
2010 Palestine du jour, Gallery Arcima, Paris, France
2010 Vidéo ‘Appart Dubai, International Video Art Biennial, UAE
2010 Visual Stories, Eltiqa artists house, Gaza, Palestine
2010 GAZART, Exhibition & Workshop, Eltiqa artists house, Gaza, Palestine
2010 Creative Palestine, Art Sawa, Dubai, UAE
2010 Eltiqa in Ramallah, Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine
2009 Autumn of ELTIQA in Toulouse, France
2009 White Night, French Cultural Center, Gaza, Palestine
2009 Summer of ELTIQA the Palestinian Red Crescent Gaza
2009 Auction in the Palestinian Art Court, Jerusalem, Gaza
2009 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2009 International Theatre Festival Art therapy, Slovakia
2009 Art Rest, PRCS Gaza, Palestine
2009 ELTIQA Gallery Brigitte Graf Fault, Montauban, France
2009 Traces Du Guerre, CCF, Gaza, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus – Palestine
2008 The White Night 2008, CCF, Gaza, Palestine
2008 Morceaux Choisis Gaza, Mobile Exhibition, Albi, Toulouse, France
2008 3° International Art Prize, Arte Laguna, Rome, Italy
2008 XIII Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Barry Italy
2008 Fair Handel Dar Al Karama Om Al Fahem Palestine selected pieces from Gaza’s Gallery I,Acadie, France
2008 Eltiqa, University Toulouse, France
2008 Occupy the Space, London, England
2007 Gaza Seasons, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 The white night, CCF, Gaza, Palestine
2007 Eltiqa, mobile exhibition, Albi, Toulouse, France
2007 Morceaux choisis Gaza, Albi, Toulouse, Rodez, France
2006 White Night, CCF, Gaza, Palestine
2006 From sands to gray, with Swiss Artist, Gaza, Palestine
2006 Occupy the Space, London, England
2005 10 Artists from Palestine,Mobile @ 10 Cities in France
2005 June-September, PPP Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny, Switzerland
2005 Palestinian Artists, Manior, Margtini, Switzerland
2005 Workshop Palestinian artists and Swiss artists, Geneva, Switzerland
2005 Art Contemporary Palestinian International Academy of Arts, Oslo, Norway
2005 Art contemporary Palestinian International Academy of Arts Gaza, Ramallah
2004 Seeds of Art, Zara Gallery, Amman Jordan
2004 6 Artist (Nablus, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Gaza) – French Culture Centers – Palestine.
2003 Proof gallery, study 1.1, London, UK
2003 Brezies Park, London, UK
2003 I Remember 1948, Sydney, Australia
2002 Winter 2002, Center Culture French, Gaza
2001 International Book festival, Geneva, Switzerland
2001 Marwan Kassab Bachi Student Exhibition, Darat Al Funun, Jordan
2001 Arabic Jerusalem, Jordanian Artists Union, Amman, Jordan
2001 We Will Be, PRCS, Gaza, Palestine
2001 The 4th Al Sharjah Biennale, UAE
2001 September Harvesting Exhibition Gaza Arts Village
2001 An Nakba Memorial, Joint Mural Painting, Gaza, Palestine
2000 Gallery de la Crenetle, Lausanne, Switzerland
2000 In the Shadow of Intifada Exhibition, Art and Crafts Village, Gaza, Palestine
1999–2001 Amman’s Summer Exhibition, Arts Palace, Amman, Jordan
1999 Young Artists Exhibition, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine
1999 Horizons, YMCA, Gaza, Palestine
1999 Jerusalem is a Bridge for Return, a Mural Project
1999 Creation of Palestinian memory Exhibition, Gaza, Palestine
1998 Free colors Exhibition, Holst Cultural Palace, Gaza
1997-1998 Friendship of UN-Japan Exhibition, UN, Gaza, Palestine
1994-1997 Shared in different Exhibitions

Scholarships and Workshops

2007-2008 Ateliers (ARJ) Geneva Switzerland Nominated by the Municipality of Geneva
2003 Brezies workshop, London, UK
2002 Winner of the Qattan Foundation Prize
Nominated by Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center to participate in Darat Al Funun Summer Academy, under the supervision of Artist Marwan Kassab Bachi, Amman, Jordan, (Years 1999, 2000, 2001)
2000 Darat Al-Funun Academy Exhibition (House of Art) Center

Career Highlights

  • 2011 Solo exhibition “Espoir” in Paris’ esteemed Cite International des Arts
  • 2008 solo exhibition in Toxi’n’Co Gallery, Geneva
  • 2001 participant in the Sharjah Biennale
  • Numerous group exhibitions outside the Middle East that include Australia, Norway and France

Artist Statement

My artistic works are characterized by transparency and spiritualism, combining the force of abstract and originality respectively. By preserving the color of the work surface - I focus on my attachment to painting the elements of a live and silent reality - these are the first lessons for an artist in finding his personal identity and style to expressing their vision and scenes occupying the mind.